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If you live in LD-39, you can VOTE TODAY for Carol Hoernlein.  Former Councilwoman Carol Hoernlein’s career in elected office began with One Vote – literally one. Fueled by the passion of Howard Dean’s campaign, she wrote about it in one of my favorite diaries, One Vote. Now, she’s at it again, because she noticed a Democratic hole in LD-39 …  – – promoted by Rosi

I wanted to let you all know – I am running for State Senate in District 39 today as a write-in.

There is NO candidate officially on the ballot in District 39.  Hard to believe because in most other districts tough battles are being waged today.  District 39 has traditionally been Republican Gerald Cardinale’s territory.

I am running to finally give a voice to folks in 39 who have not had a voice in 3 decades.  The Bergen County machine has always given the 39th a pass.  I want to change that.

As a drainage expert, I hope to help NJ residents here with one of the most pressing problems in the Pascack Valley – flooding.  I firmly believe I can positively impact District 39 in terms of my understanding about infrastructure as a civil engineer.

Protecting the environment has always been my most important priority for decades.

I will vote FOR marriage equality.  

As a small business owner, I understand what small business owners have to face in this tough economy.  I believe in revitalizing our downtowns and commercial sites while protecting the areas that are currently open space and should be preserved. We CAN do both.

I also understand how corruption increases costs on taxpayers from my fights against Pay to Play over the past few years and will support legislation to clean up corruption in our state.

I also want to protect our first responders – Firefighters, police from anti-union legislation.  As a former state employee and former CWA union member myself I am aware of the assaults on workers rights. While I was Fire Commissioner in Tenafly, I fought for better equipment and benefits for the brave men on the volunteer Fire Dept.

I hope you will spread the word about my write-in campaign for State Senate today.  Just make sure they spell my name right:

Carol HOERNLEIN  (I know it’s tough – but if Lisa Murkowski can do it…..)

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  1. William Weber (WjcW)
  2. PaulinNJ

    Carol how did this turn out?

    As the rep for your former district, I wish you the best on your effort.

  3. carolh (Post author)

    As soon as  I know – I will post it here.  Perhaps there were write-in absentee ballots.  I hear that there was another (not serious) write-in candidate that the DCBC tried to run when they realized how not having any candidate would look….

  4. carolh (Post author)

    I keep calling and they keep telling me not yet. Getting frustrating. Wondering how other folks found out the results of most races.  

  5. carolh (Post author)

    You guys know any good election attorneys?  They tell me it’s “unusual” but they can’t tell me anything else.  


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