Helicopters and Public Sector Politicians

While I enjoy the media coverage of “coptergate” and the exposing of more Christie hypocrisy, I can’t help think what a foolish political target that helicopter has become over the years.  I realize the main issue with “coptergate” is that Christie used the chopper for purely political and personal reasons, and also for the extremely pompous style it was used (landing and disrupting the school and baseball game).  The chief executive of state should have regular use of a helicopter.  The duties of the office are extreme and there is only so much time in a day.  Really, the schedule of a governor is entirely political, the schedule and appearances are chosen for maximum political benefit.  Limiting it’s use for non-political purpose is silly.  The occasional personal use is also unavoidable…it is not a regular job, the two worlds of the office of governor and ones personal life are bound to intersect.   The helicopter should have never been a target, it has come full circle to shoot both parties in the foot, and in Corzine’s case….nearly cost him his life.

The SL headlined the members of the legislature who have public sector jobs the other day.  I link this story and “coptergate” together because my feeling is that it is another political target that has gone too far.  Does the SL want to ban public sector employees from the legislature?  Sure…some of the jobs are probably plum jobs for the politically connected and some are absolutely legitimate careers, which is why the article annoyed me.  It lumped everyone together leaving the reader to assume a negative connotation.  There can be abuses of a helicopter privilege and there are legislators who have public sector jobs because of who they are.  The governor needs a helicopter and public sector employees have the right to be in the legislature.  Abusers are fair targets,  a governor shouldn’t be afraid to use the helicopter and public sector employees should not be afraid to run for office.

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