Chris Christie’s NJN Giveaway

The GOP war on Public Broadcasting rages on as NJN is effectively “gifted” to a newly formed New York-based non profit.

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  1. carolh

    Here’s a quiz:  If you defund NOAA, and get rid of any public broadcasting that could possibly cover climate change or real unbiased science – does that mean climate change isn’t happening?

  2. mmgth

    Just wanted to thank Jeff Tittel and the N.J. Sierra Club for endorsing Chris Daggett and helping Christie get elected.

  3. robusdin

    On the one hand, it very well may have been an extra expense we didn’t need. On the other hand, they are they ARE keeping NJN TV news, which does provide decent info about news in NJ, and (to quote another very biased brodcast outlet) “not New York, not Philadelphia”. I do think that the radio stations, mostly NPR anyway, will do OK under WNYC and WHYY’s guidance. I can’t attribute this to a war on public broadcasting.  How many states at this point actually HAVE state owned broadcast outlets?  


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