Anti-Labor on NBC, Labor on MSNBC

Yesterday, somebody asked me if they should go off somewhere and do something else, or stay glued to the Assembly vote, which was in a dramatic holding pattern for five-and-a-half hours. Stay with the Assembly, I said. It will be national news. And it is. The Assembly vote, and Senate vote before it, are not a victory for New Jersey because too many of our neighbors, fathers, and co-workers are getting screwed. It’s certainly not a victory for the Democratic Party, which now faces an enthusiasm gap and loss of reliable union ground troops, with a huge election looming. No, it was a victory for Christopher James Christie, delivered perhaps at their own cost, by a new class of Christie enablers with nominal “D’s” on their backs. Watch Christie step out front now, before other one-term GOP governors getting ahead on the backs of their state’s working people. Comer. Hotshot. Buzzmaster. And it was only a matter of hours before Gov. Christie was on TV letting Matt Lauer talk about his 2012 presidential sizzle, feeding into that by wasting no time going after President Obama. And thanking the Democratic leadership that put him in the Today Show’s exclusive interview chair, thanking his enablers inside 10 seconds after he opened his mouth.

So, in case you missed it, is Chris Christie on the morning after. Right below it, for counter-point, is CWA President Hetty Rosenstein on MSNBC’s boutique, and NJ-savvy The Ed Show (MSNBC):

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Christie on The Today Show 6/24/11Rosenstein on The Ed Show 6/23/11

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  1. Couch Potato Politics

    Aside from the fact that blatant self agrandizement from such a horrific thug as Christie makes me want to blow chunks, his visage on the screen would likely cost me a monitior I can hardley afford to replace after I threw my my shoe at it.

    bellicose bully as about as presidential as Bluto from the old Popeye show.

  2. 12mileseastofTrenton

    with a 44% approval rating can go in the “liberal media.”

    I know his proximity to the New York studios gives him opportunities that others don’t have.  But the guy has gotten more positive attention with less popularity than anyone I can recall.  Thanks to the, so-called, “liberal media.”

  3. nkromann

    Matt Lauer is as much a pig as Chris Christie!


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