31 year old Jamel Holley elected Mayor of Roselle

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In 2004, 24 year old Jamel Holley was elected to his first term on the Roselle council. Last night, the 31 year old won the Democratic Nomination for Mayor of Roselle, which essentially means he is a lock to with in November, along with his 2 council allies who had overwhelming victories in their ward races. Hundreds of people poured into the Cavalier on Wood Avenue last night to congratulate Roselle’s next Mayor, who won by a near 2 to 1 margin.  

Holley defeated 2 term Mayor Garrett Smith. Smith had the strong backing of U.S. Congressman Donald Payne.

Holley, the President of Front Porch Strategies, is the older brother to Dallas Cowboy Jesse Holley. Keep an eye on this rising Democratic Party star, who represents new, young, vibrant leadership for our party and state.

Newark City Councilman Ron Rice Jr. and Jamel Holley pulling out last minute voters at around 7pm.

Newark City Councilman Ron Rice Jr. and Jamel Holley asking a voter to come and vote.

Newark City Councilman Ron Rice Jr. gets ready to chase the next vote for Roselle’s new Mayor.

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  1. Rosi Efthim

    I got word of Mayor-elect Holley’s win in a jubilant tweet from my friend Ron Rice Jr., pictured above. That’s @RonaldCRice.

    Now Blue Jersey is following his friend @jamelholley too. Are you?  

  2. lovingnewjersey

    I am an Edison, New Jersey resident and I know from first hand experience that young mayors who are smart can accomplish great things too!  My former mayor, Jun Choi, was only in his 30’s when he was elected and as a moderate, helped build consensus across party lines and managed to get many great things done, even against special interests.  He improved education, decreased the size of municipal government by 15% without any permanent layoffs and stood up to political bosses.   He is running for Congress in 2012 and you should all vote for him!



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