Weekend News Roundup & Open Thread for April 30-May 1, 2011

Happy May Day. This is an Open Thread.  

What do Finland, Singapore & South Korea do right that Chris Christie wants to do wrong?  

  • An answer, within.

    Christie at Harvard

  • “The reason I’m having this fight with the teachers union is that it’s the only fight worth having.” Christie shops his brand north to Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, and announces his intention to turn his attention to school boards.

  • He Makes No Sense in Boston, Either.

  • Pahk the Cah in Hahvahd Yahd – some context for Christie’s trip.  

    Feds don’t buy Christie’s excuses

  • In the game of chicken Gov. Christie’s trying to play with the federal government, he might be wise to remember they can and apparently will begin charging interest on the $271 he refuses to pay back for the canceled ARC Tunnel. Interest started accruing as of Friday.

  • Christie’s bullying tactics not working with the federal government.  


  • Analysis shows some NJ workers are well-compensated, some are well below middle class.

  • NJ workers earned $227M overtime last year.

  • Toll-takers will take big salary cut to save jobs, but NJ plans to eliminate all their jobs in 2 years.

  • Christie wants federal permission to close NJ FamilyCare to parents with household income over $18,530 annual (for family of 3) and raise premiums & co-pays for participants.

  • Another investigation focuses on Passaic Valley Water Commission.

    Somebody’s lying about whether Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver was asked to speak at the Governor’s Conference on Women

  • I wonder who? (from the Auditor)

    Maybe I’ll fly out of Newark again someday

  • Lautenberg praises Newark airport security chief in his first two weeks on the job.

    Tyler Clementi’s tormentors

  • With Dahrun Ravi indicted, Molly Wei looks to a pre-trial intervention program that would lead to dismissal of charges against her.

    Me, Governor?

  • Sen. Dick Codey’s new book.

    The Gangster of Menlo Park

  • Who are we about to spend $2.4 million to restore a monument to?

    Going to AC to get your Democrat on?

  • 16th Annual Democratic State Conference May 12-14.
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    1. SmartyJones

      The Youtube video. which I can’t figure out how to upload, seems to be metaphor for for the travails of funding for women’s health (and maybe medical marijuana).


      It’s long, but facinating.  Political struggles?

      (Spoiler alert – nah, I won’t tell ya.)

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