The GOP War on Women

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Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate our Moms and all the women in our life who provide support.

My Mom is very special to me. When I needed healthcare, she took on a second job, working nights at UPS because her full-time day job did not offer health benefits. That year I had two surgeries.  Who knows how we would have survived the mountain of medical bills without access to health insurance. She sacrificed so I could be healthy, focus on my studies and become the man I am today.

Thank you Mom.  I love you.

And thank you to all the Moms in our lives-bosses, colleagues, family, and friends for re-shaping America.  more below…

Today women earn 77¢ on the dollar of what their male counterparts make. I am not okay with that, and will not sit idly letting this disparity continue.  I am committed to ensuring women have equal pay.  I will continue to advocate for inclusive policies that encourage and maximize the contributions of women.

Republicans have declared war on women.

The GOP passed legislation to destroy Medicare as we know it; in order to give tax breaks and subsidies to big corporations and the oil and gas industries. Women represent 56% of those that depend on Medicare for healthcare and more than half of those are living at, or near, the poverty line.

The health and welfare of our Mothers is critical and Medicare is a promise to American women that we must honor.

My opponent, Congressman Leonard Lance, supported the Ryan plan to abolish Medicare and another to redefine rape, making it more difficult for sexual-assault survivors to access health services. After voting to repeal the new Healthcare Law, under the premise the law is a government takeover, Rep. Leonard Lance and his Republican colleagues are meddling with women’s health provisions in their private health insurance. In their war on women they are targeting the eighty-seven percent of private health insurance plans that cover abortion care by raising taxes on individuals and small businesses.

This Mother’s Day, know that this Democrat, respects our Moms and is committed to ending employment discrimination, making good on our Medicare promise, and ensuring women are able to make their own decisions with respect to their body.

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  1. Babs NJSD

    it’s even more clearly “bye-bye” to the rhetoric and actions that gave him the reputation for fairness. I’ve also noticed that in this Congress he no longer sponsors the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

    Does this mean he is also turning his back on his LGBT constituents as well?


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