News Roundup & Open Thread for Monday, May 16, 2011

Newark civic leaders irate at being left out of schools superintendent search

  • What happened to the transparent and community-based search process that Newark was promised to find its new school chief?

    Christie’s efforts to lure jobs here failed, he blew $400 million on Race to the Top, we’ve spent $1million on a GOP law firm to try to evade a $271million dollar bill from the feds for Christie’s abrupt canceling of ARC Tunnel. So, what’s LG Kim Guadagno obsessing over?

  • The tiny, non-controversial State Council on the Arts – the orchestra people, summer concerts, pretty pictures – who only cost us a penny for ever $18 in the budget.


  • Birth mothers tell their stories to fight for NJ adoption bill.

  • Bill to aid domestic violence victims advances.

    “Right-wing social engineering”

  • Even Newt Gingrich thinks the Paul Ryan Medicare voucher system – that Jon Runyan voted for – went way too far.

    Tough-talking Christie dodges key issues

  • Is Christie governing, or just dancing carefully to avoid pissing off either the national right-wing GOP that loves him or moderate voters here? Sometimes we just get the bluster.

    Additional Assorted Christie

  • Not all of Seton Hall will welcome Christie today.

  • Christie to Talk Global Climate Change with Scientists – will it change policy decisions? (Maybe he should read this).

    NJ Supreme Court lacking available justices to rule on school financing

  • School finance decision may be clouded by fewer justices hearing it, and lingering questions of why some justices recused themselves and why one – Helen Hoens, whose husband works for Christie – did not. (Bob Braun)

    Local Say for Charters Continues to Dog Proposed Measures

  • As charters expand into suburbs, local districts want to approve any new schools.

    Newark Peace Education Summit’s over & Dalai Lama’s left the building

  • Results and ideas from the summit.


  • Commuters feel pinch as Christie tightens.

  • Camden parking agency’s largesse questioned.

  • Sharing a ride catches on in Central Jersey.

  • NJ: 4th most-expensive state to live in.

  • Fixing federal debt will cost you. (Herb Jackson)

  • Homeless in Hunterdon County.

  • NJ awards $millions in tax breaks to North Jersey companies.

  • Closing Vineland Developmental Center would affect the community beyond job loss and displaced residents.
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    1. SmartyJones

      say?  And who cares?

      Here is a link to The New York Daily News op-ed by Ted Olsen (you know who he is) and Eric Schneiderman (NY’s recently elected AG).

      I’m linking this because they argue that civil unions are not a substitute for ME.  In support of their argument, they cite the NJ Civil Union Review Commission report.  I won’t speculate on whether they talked to anyone else.

      So, NJ, you’ve come a long way, but not far enough.

    2. SmartyJones

      I’m older than dirt.  Too young to remember the early days of the civil rights movement, but old enough to clearly recall the death of Dr. King.

      If you are older than I, perhaps you have forgotten.  If you are younger, maybe you never knew.  

      PBS is showing “Freedom Riders” tonight at 9:00 PM.  From what I’ve read, it is riveting.  I’m a semi-corageous person.  But I still don’t know if I would have ridden a bus set on fire or risked being  beaten with a lead pipe for my beliefs.  I would hope that I would, but I don’t know.

      Here are 2 reviews:

      Neither one does the documentary much justice.  But so be it.

      If you are a teacher of any grade, I would suggest you copy it, to let students know of the violence involved in seeking justice.



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