Alex Torpey, 23, is now the youngest municipal chief in New Jersey

South Orange’s Village President (think: Mayor) election, among yesterday’s non-partisan elections, was a nail-biter. At one point in the counting, just one vote separated Torpey from his competitor, Board of Trustees (think: Council) member Janine Bauer. When all the machine votes were counted last night, Torpey was ahead 13 votes, with provisional votes still unopened and uncounted. The night for Torpey and his supporters was a mixture of celebration and shoes yet to fall. They didn’t know how many provisionals there would be, but they felt like they had it.

And now, it’s official: Alex Torpey, who introduced himself to Blue Jersey in March is now the youngest person in New Jersey running a municipality.

We expect to hear from Alex and his campaign a little later. Meanwhile, Blue Jersey says Welcome to a new generation of South Orange leadership, including many young people who joined Alex’s race. Congratulations to the team.  

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  1. Senator Loretta Weinberg

    Then come help us attract more young progressives to get involved!


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