Xanadu is indeed today’s “American Dream”

It seems Chris Christie has agreed to give about $200 million to a developer to expand Xanadu. The developer, who runs the Mall of America, gets a low interest loan that they’ll pay back by keeping “most of” the sales tax. One condition is that they change the exterior.  

I for one wonder how anyone thought an indoor ski slope would succeed without an indoor water park. Well, I hope it’s a big success.

Needless to say, renaming Xanadu the “American Dream@Meadowlands” is the most delicious part of the deal.

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  1. deciminyan

    How ironic that the Governor who, along with the rest of his cabal, is destroying the American Dream for the poor and middle class uses that name for his handouts to developers.

  2. Nick Lento

    1.7 billion wasted already…..now another billion….and the NJ taxpayers are all in for  200 million corporate welfare grant that is to be “paid back” out of sales tax receipt that become repayments.   And it’s UGLY to boot!!!

    What a SCAM!!!   And that’s assuming it even generates enough sales to be able to repay the gift.   Meanwhile Christie is screwing the kids, women, minorities and anyone else who isn’t already rich and/or “connected”.

    Christie has to be crazy or corrupt or totally incompetent.   Take yer pick!

  3. Couch Potato Politics

    So, the land of Malls gets another billion for another mall but the traffic from hell doesn’t rate a new transportation corridor.

  4. jeffpickens

    I just can’t see people forgoing the shore and instead packing up their ski gear and heading to East Rutherford in the dog days of August.  


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