Wisniewski Rallies BurlCo Dems

Is it possible to deliver a rousing political speech without a lot of bombast? It is if you are Assemblyman and State Democratic Chair John Wisnewski.

Wisniewski addressed the faithful at the annual Burlington County Jefferson-Jackson Dinner in Cinnaminson this evening. He started out by calmly telling the crowd of several hundred that to understand what it means to be a Democrat, one has to look at what the other side stands for. The Republicans believe that government is the problem and markets will self-regulate. They believe the private sector will look out for peoples’ needs. Wisnewski asked how well did that turn out?

On the other hand, he continued, Democrats believe that there needs to be an outlet for people who have no voice in their fate. Democrats believe citizens should have access to quality health care and education. (more below the fold…)


The chairman pointed out that none of the myriad of accomplishments fostered by the Democrats came easily. They came from hard work over many generations. Some of that hard work was performed by people with whom the government had a contract – a contract for pensions that these people have contributed to. He continued on saying it’s not their fault that the state did not live up to its side of the bargain by providing the agreed-upon payments.

Continuing along the track of Democratic values, Wisniewski pointed out that we cannot abandon our values because the implementation of these values is inconvenient. Every one of the rights and privileges we value comes with a price tag. He concluded with the observation that the Democratic party in Burlington County has proven that it can elect its own candidates, and they need to continue to work hard to do so in 2011.

During his remarks, Wisniewski introduced all of the Democratic office holders and candidates who were present. Conspicuously absent was Carl Lewis, the Senate candidate from LD-8 whose effort to remain on the ballot was stalled today by a federal judge. County chair Joe Andl explained that Lewis was out in Medford campaigning and there will be additional effort to get Lewis on the ballot.

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