Weekend News Roundup & Open Thread for April 16-17, 2011

Black bears in trees and bubbles for autism. Have a great Sunday. This is an Open Thread.

N.J. ‘millionaire tax’ would neither drive rich residents out of state, nor raise tax revenue

  • Star-Ledger cuts through the BS.

    Democrats Pounce on Chris Christie’s Blunt Words

  • New York Times: In which, among other things, Patrick Murray nails the fact that some voters find the Governor’s bluster attractive.

  • Valerie Huttle & Connie Wagner urge all 120 NJ legislators to condemn the Gov’s “bat” remark.

  • Words Matter: Video Double.

  • A Turkey from Express-Times. Loser of the Week from politickernj.

    Meet the Anti-Christie

  • He lives in Connecticut.

    Happy Tax Day!

  • Congratulations! You’ve just contributed to Chris Christie’s political coffers.

    Chris Christie via Comedy Central & Wonkette

  • Comedy Central.

  • Wonkette.

    Christie v. Cuomo 2016?

  • What Christie does, Cuomo does better.

    “Drop-dead contract”

  • Christie blames AFL-CIO, which reps Meadowlands Racetrack’s 125 tellers, for the fact the facility may close in 3 weeks.

    Wave of suicides among vets of Iraq and Afghanistan wars

  • A New Jersey congressman and senator are trying to help.

    Tea Party Campaign Training

  • Take it seriously.


  • 50 Nazis in Trenton: Hard to say whether they were Nazis or the fact there were 50 of them, is more ridiculous.

  • New Black Panthers & Jewish Defense Organization counter-protest Neo-Nazis.

  • Camden’s belated blight offensive.

  • Vineland’s Hispanic growth offers preview of national trend.

    “Sometimes I wonder, ‘Am I worth anything? If I could live on my own, I’d know I was worth something.”

  • Developmentally disabled adults needing a home.

    The Auditor

  • Good reporting this week: Did CC try to talk Carl Lewis out of running? And, Some of the groups on the Christie administration draft school funding brief didn’t give their permission.

    Who represents the poor in court?

  • They do.


  • Carl Lewis: What makes him run?

  • GOP challenges Lewis on residency.

  • Because Denise Coyle isn’t moving Somerset GOP turns to Jack Ciatterelli for Assembly LD-16.

    Mary Pat Christie

  • Puff piece.
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