Sen. Loretta Weinberg on The Ed Show: Christie’s “bat” remark

Gov. Christie has been unable to silence or undermine one of his harshest critics, Sen. Loretta Weinberg, who ran against him on the ticket topped by Corzine. Weinberg, godmother to the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party, not only hasn’t backed down in the face of Christie bluster that has cowed legislators younger, stronger and taller than she is, she’s unimpressed by that bluster. Since Weinberg ran against Kim Guadagno, Christie’s LG has shrunk from view, relegated by the Governor to low press-interest meetings with business leaders and a red tape commission helpful to businesses looking to offload pesky regulations. But Weinberg, the loser in that election, has emerged as a woman of august years and considerable experience who nonetheless has zero trouble challenging him on his spending priorities, including defunding access for women to health centers and the federal dollars that go with it, and defunding New Jersey’s public schools.

How to shut Loretta Weinberg up? Christie picked an issue he thought he could play gotcha on – Weinberg just started collecting her pension for earlier work (that she was eligible for nearly 15 years ago) while also taking her part-time salary for representing the 37th District (she broke that news at Blue Jersey). In a temper tantrum Wednesday, Christie crossed a line, urging the state house press to “take the bat out” on the Senator, who is 76. In a governor known for bluster, for pugilism, the raw aggression, frustration and violent language was way over the line. Here’s the senator Thursday night on The Ed Show:

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  1. Senator Loretta Weinberg

    had a long first day of visiting in L.A. We enjoyed finishing it off with the Ed show.  Thanks so much for posting it and thank you for all the letters and emails of support.  

  2. GayTeen4Obama

    it be 2013 already? God I cannot wait until we get this guy out of office.  

  3. Bertin Lefkovic

    …like the plague, but I happen to be up late and it happens to be on.  Whose interview do I see plugged as soon as I turn the TV on?  None other than my favorite elected official in the state.

    Let’s hope that this issue propels Senator Weinberg to the kind of national prominence that would enable her to run against Barack Obama for President next year.  There is no doubt in my mind that she would stand up for Democratic principles far better than he has to date.

    I don’t know how old Shayna is, but more important than spelling is the power of her words and Christie should heed them indeed.  In my opinion, there is only one place for a “bat” in politics and that is as a measure of fundraising prowess the way that Howard Dean’s presidential campaign did in 2003-4.

    Maybe Blue Jersey or DFA-NJ should bring out its own “bat” and start using it to raise money for the 2011 elections, starting with a kickoff event at an upcoming Trenton Thunder game and then follow it up with others at the numerous minor league ballparks throughout the state.

  4. KendalJames

    The governor’s raised eyebrows and shrill tone should give pause to his fans across America who only know the man through sound bites as opposed to having to live with his policies.

    I feel bad for his wife. And any other women in his life.  

  5. Nick Lento

    We’ve all met people like Chris Christie before…hyper aggressive self inflated bullies who get their way by pushing other people around…sadly these tend to be mostly males.

    What’s even more sad is that we, all too often, reward such pathological personality types with “success” as they are seen as “strong men”.

    I would LOVE to see Christie accept Loretta’s challenge and engage in a real/substantive series of policy debates with her.   Of course that’s not very likely as bullies are, at the core, cowards who are driven to their hyper aggression by their own deeply seated insecurities and fears.

    Having said that, Democrats at ALL levels need to understand the appeal of the dominant authoritarian tone that we get from the Republicans these days…it’s a pathological appeal; but it’s worked far better than it should have.

    President Obama and EVERY Democrat need to courageously speak plain strong moral and intelligent truth to “power”…..they all need to take a look at the guts, intelligence integrity displayed by Loretta Weinberg and use that as a model for righteously kicking ass in the coming battles over the “budget” and the preservation of the Democratic legacy policies of the 20th century and on in to the 2012 elections.  Caving in to bullies only encourages them.  They NEVER have enough, they will ALWAYS want more and more…that is their nature.

    As for “Bully Boy” Christie….I would love to see him running against Loretta next time out! May she be a two term governor!  🙂

  6. Babs NJSD

    Certainly his old boss W Bush emasculated the SEC and put the 3 monkeys in charge of protecting American investors.I guess that it would be natural for Christie, as US Attorney with his brother having his own unsavory, but personally beneficial experience on Wall Street, to not give a whit or care about victims of the modern Republican political hypocrisy? The neocon agenda?

    Keep that trash talk going, King, errr Governor


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