O’Keefe wants TNuts to “investigate” judges & NJEA

Evidently the TNuts have given up on winning elections by open and honest debate as James O’Keefe’s appearance before a gathering of kool-aid infused crazies at a “citizens convention” referred to as “The Battle for Trenton” indicates (btw what is the fetish Tnuts seem to have with military analogies?).

O’Keefe wants the TNuts to “investigate” judges they don’t like, and also wants to continue his vendetta against the NJEA.

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  1. johnleesandiego

    okay, not really no one, but only 150 people showed …. more people passed through the gates at turtle back zoo in the same amount of time (and I didn’t see any news stories about that)

    Score : Red Panda 1, O’Keefe O


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