I’m Sorry Mother Earth

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Today is Earth Day.  While I’d like to be able to say “Happy Earth Day” I can’t in good conscience.

I am extremely concerned at the lack of headway to protect our environment and ensure our future generations have access to clean air and water.

In just under 3 months, the new GOP led House of Representatives have undone years of progress taking us in the wrong direction and setting a course for unprecedented misuse, abuse, destruction, and peril.

House Republicans illustrated their disregard for the environment when they canceled a recycling and composting program in the Capitol. The program employed the best practices in sustainability.

After switching from paper to plastic, the GOP passed legislation to weaken the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to regulate green house gases and gut its budget.  These efforts will undermine the agency’s ability to enforce our environmental laws to keep our air and water clean.

The Republican Majority puts corporate profits ahead of protecting American families from toxic chemicals.

The GOP is taking its cues from special interests representing the logging, mining, oil, gas, and nuclear industries and protecting the profits of these corporations instead of protecting our natural resources.

A fracking drill in Wyoming Via the Examiner (Credit: Western Citizen)

Hydraulic fracking is a drilling process used to extract natural gas from shale by injecting large volumes of water laden with hazardous and carcinogenic chemicals.

In 2005, the Republican Congress passed an Energy Bill creating the Halliburton Loophole, exempting fracking from the protections under the Safe Drinking Water Act, the Clean Water Act, and the Clean Air Act. Meanwhile big energy companies across the country are cashing in on this type of drilling while simultaneously polluting our drinking water, rivers, and lakes. Fracking operations in the Delaware River Basin would mean tens of thousands of gas wells poisoning the water for millions of families.

I am opposed to Republican efforts to destroy our environment.  The GOP is working for the special interests that funnel millions into their campaigns, not for us, not for our children.

These special interests are very powerful, but so are we. Please donate your Facebook or Twitter status to stand up to the GOP House controlled by the logging, mining, oil, nuclear, and gas industries.

I am confident that with the right people in Congress, America can overcome the energy and environmental challenges we face by investing in education, research and development, and unleashing the innovative spirit of our entrepreneurs.

I remain committed to ending subsidies and giveaways to oil and gas companies to close our deficient and reduce our debt.

Together, the people will take back the House of Representative and get our country on a path towards environmental, economic, and fiscal accountability.  

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