Don’t Hold Your Breath, Loretta

Well, here’s a shock:

Five days after Gov. Chris Christie urged the news media to “take a bat out on her,” meaning Sen. Loretta Weinberg (D-Bergen) for taking a $36,000 annual public pension while continuing to be paid $49,000 as a legislator, the governor’s office said Monday he will not be offering an apology.

Weinberg, 76, and other Democratic leaders have charged the remark shows insensitivity toward women, especially the physically abused.

“No,” Michael Drewniak, Christie’s press secretary, said when asked if the governor would apologize to Weinberg and if he had any additional comment.

I’ll only add that Corzine beat Christie among women by a mere five points. Think some of the 45% of women who voted for Christie might be starting to have some buyer’s remorse?

And don’t worry – he won’t won’t stop. He can’t. It’s who he is.

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  1. Couch Potato Politics

    Hopefully we remember all of this in the next elections.

    Don’t give “His Belligerence” power in the legislature or it will only get worse.

    Support your local Democrat an demand they ACT LIKE ONE!

  2. firstamend07

    The screaming and hollaring is getting old. The finger pointing is getting old. The ” bully” act is getting old.

    People are amused for a certain length of time then they start to think differently .

    Christie is becoming a cartoon figure.

    The best way to fight Christie is to support the Sweeney/Oliver agenda.      

  3. Nick Lento

    At this point there is no one more suited to run against Christie.   And there is no one better to school him in some manners, common sense and common human decency!!!

    The Senate and Assembly need to pass resolutions condemning Christie’s malicious words.  Any legislator, of either party, who fails to vote for the resolution needs to be targeted for defeat at the next opportunity.

    It goes way beyond the malicious verbiage directed against Loretta, Christie’s attitude and policies toward women in general and poor/minority women in particular are not acceptable in a civilized educated place like New Jersey!

    This one must not be simply forgotten and allowed to be swept under the rug of an old news cycle.   Christie has been getting away with murder for too long…he needs to be held accountable for refusing to deal with his “asshole syndrome” pathology.  

    Sweeney and the rest of New Jersey’s Democratic establishment needs to take it’s cues from a Real Bergen Democrat, Loretta Weinberg!

  4. laur

    At this governor’s belligerence toward those with whom he disagrees. It is not funny when someone in his position evidently believes that he could even suggest that the press should do his bidding. What does that say about the media in NJ? Is NJ a test run for the Fourth Reich?

    Could anyone even IMAGINE how it would be covered if it was a Democrat who had made such a suggestion?

    I remember when Richard Cody responded angrily to that person on 101.5 who had gone after Mrs. Cody (who is an advocate on the topic of postpartum depression). Cody had clearly expressed that, had he not been in a position of authority in the state (acting governor at the time) he’d have gone after that radio personality one on one. And the little miscreant then started screaming about intimidation, even though Cody was rightfully making a statement in response to an attack over NJ’s airwaves on his spouse. I still applaud his restraint.

    In any event, I hope that Christie’s lack of self-control contributes to his undoing.


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