A new campaign for the State Assembly

I am pumped for this, Dom – Rosi

As details began to leak about the redistricting process, it was clear their would be a new vacancy in the 35th District.  Assemblywoman Pou is poised to move up to the State Senate after Hawthorne was lopped from Paterson and I immediately called Chairman Currie to threw my hat into the ring as a candidate for the vacant Assembly seat.  As a former member of the Board of Education, Haledon Council, and current Mayor – I bring to the table a strong set of qualifications and experience.  

I am already making calls around the newly configured 35th District to leaders of Elmwood Park, Garfield, Haledon, North Haledon, Paterson, and Prospect Park.  I am going to take my message to every County Committee member to show why I would be the strongest Democrat to round out the representation for this diverse district.  

Today’s map was great news for New Jersey’s Democratic Party.  But there is still much work to be done.  We need to make sure we are sending strong progressive Democrats to the State Senate and Assembly, and as many Blue Jersey readers know – I can be counted on to stand up to Governor Christie’s regressive policies being waged on our State’s working class.  

Whether it is marriage equality or the right to collectively bargain, my progressive credentials are strong.  

I will keep you updated as the process unfolds and look forward to working with everyone in the Blue Jersey community as legislative tickets begin to form around New Jersey.  

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  1. Hopeful

    We do need people who will stand up to Christie.

    I encourage you to run even if it means a contested primary.

  2. bluestatejoe

    You’re going to make a great assemblyman, Dom. Blue Jersey will need to buy a shuttle next year to serve it’s newly minted legislators.


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