#ticktickBOOM: Jeff Gardner for Senate Money Bomb UPDATE: $2,713-plus at 3:35

As you know by now, Blue Jersey’s part of a national money bomb for Jeff Gardner’s Senate primary campaign against 30-year incumbent John Girgenti. It’s been a 10-day lead-up. And it all happens today – ticktickBOOM. Money bomb is a concentrated effort to ramp up focus & fundraising for a priority campaign, in a one-day burst. Today. This is Jeff’s first money bomb, and Blue Jersey’s. And it’s trending hot. Can you join us?

THANK YOU to everybody who’s already contributed. Every amount powers up Jeff’s campaign, and gets us closer to having a fine and tough progressive working for his District and for all of us. So, at around 3:20pm, with hours left to go, here’s an update:

Jeff’s Money Bomb ActBlue: $2,713 from 76 supporters.


DFA’s ActBlue: $851 from 30 supporters.

BlueAmerica’s ActBlue: $1,124 from 55 supporters.

(Blue) Jersey Jeff Gardner for Senate, money bomb: $1,149 – 36 supporters.

None of us has ever done this before, and we didn’t know what to expect. Your response is off-the-charts. We breezed past our $1,000 initial goal early this morning, and we’re now pushing toward a goal of $5,000 or more today. And the buzz is ramping up. Jeff just finished his 2nd live-chat of the week at BlueAmerica’s page at Crooks & Liars. And today, there were two posts about Jeff on the Recommended list at Daily Kos.

Jeff’s Money Bomb is today. Every dollar counts. Can you jump in?

There is no tilting at windmills here. This is a viable campaign, with real progressive vigor behind it. Blue Jersey, you’re a huge part of this.


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  1. denniscmcgrath

    it wouldn’t hurt to scoot over there, log in, search the Diaries for Jeff Gardner, and Recommend those two diaries so that they stay up on the front page.

  2. Jeff Gardner

    The combined Money Bomb totals just for today are now over $4,000. And, total online fundraising has a good chance of cracking $10,000 today if the momentum keeps up.

    Thank you Blue Jersey!


  3. tabbycat31
  4. GayTeen4Obama

    be writing a SwingStateProject diary soon with the same objective

    I have not donated today yet ($40 previously) but plan on doing so later today  


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