This is what people-powered looks like

I have a hunch we’ll hear from Jeff later. Meanwhile, big thanks from Blue Jersey to everybody who gave in yesterday’s money bomb! – Rosi

Big hat tip to the Blue Jersey community, Blue America PAC, and Democracy for America for making the money bomb a huge success. – Matt

Honestly, when we had our initial conference call on the money bomb idea – Rosi, Jay, a DFA national staffer, and myself – we all thought somewhere between $1,000 on the low end and$5,000 on the high end would be a successful for a one day haul.  This just has never really been done in a state legislative race, so we just weren’t sure what to expect.

435 donors and $10,728 raised was double our best case scenario.  If the establishment wasn’t listening before, they are now.  more below…

This is a people-powered campaign.  Jeff isn’t raising money from the special interest groups in Trenton – he’s doing it from normal people looking to change Trenton.  People looking for real representation and leadership against Governor Christie’s regressive policies.  

On top of that, the campaign continues to get great press.  From today’s Herald News, Editor Bruce Lowry comments on the difference between Jeff and Senator Girgenti:

Indeed, it was eerily noted that Monday night, during a public meeting at John F. Kennedy High School hosted by 1st Ward Councilman Anthony Davis, that Gardner of Hawthorne, who now may not even get the chance to run against Girgenti in the 35th, was there to hear residents’ concerns about taxes and services, while Girgenti was nowhere to be found.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.  John Girgenti has been nowhere to be found for a long time.  Families of the 35th District deserve better.  The response yesterday was tremendous and exciting.  It’s efforts like this that are going to be the difference on Election Day and the progressive community stepped up in a big, big way.    

Full Disclosure: I’m working on Jeff’s campaign

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