Public Workers Locked Out of State House

This is an account of a confusing and dramatic few moments in the State House yesterday. The aftermath was captured in an extraordinary audio clip of Sen. Loretta Weinberg – listen all the way through. – Rosi

In a moment much smaller yet reminiscent of Madison, Wisconsin circa February 28, 2011, Chris Christie ordered the state house closed to union members and their representatives. Ironically, this wasn’t a mass protest but rather a scheduled set of appointments with State Senators and representatives.

Citing an unnamed, undated and unsigned policy, the Governor ordered citizens and union members turned away from entering the state house for a series of legitimately scheduled appointments to discuss the Governors recent attacks and acts against the members rights to bargain and negotiate healthcare benefits for their next contract.

Ironic and telling that the Governor who claims to “Love collective bargaining” and entertains corporate lobbyists on a fairly regular basis can hardly stomach lobbyists who are not there to offer him platitudes and praise. Instead of welcoming them into their state house to partake in their right to discuss their future with their elected representatives.

From CWA_NJ and SethcwanjTwitter feeds at State House:

Sethcwanj Seth

NJ union members being denied access to state capitol, even though they have appointments to talk to lawmakers

CWA_NJ CWA New Jersey

RT @njdude106: Democracy Denied at NJ State House. The People’s house is closed to the PEOPLE!

CWA_NJ CWA New Jersey

RT @sethcwanj: NJ union members being denied access to state capitol, even though they have appts to talk to lawmakers

SorayaGardner Soraya Gardner

Union members being denied access to Statehouse! Must mean we r starting to make impact. They r getting scared.

CWA_NJ CWA New Jersey

#NJunion members came to speak with their reps today, weren’t allowed in, then told they needed a permit to stand outside the statehouse.

Sethcwanj Seth

Signs on regular paper now being confiscated from union members at NJ state capitol

Sethcwanj Seth

Public workers still having signs confiscated in state senate in Trenton. Violation of state house rules?

CWA_NJ CWA New Jersey

Members that were allowed in statehouse are being stripped of pro-worker stickers, pins in direct violation of Senate’s own policy.

Sethcwanj Seth

Reports are that state police are now taking stickers away from public workwrs in Trenton

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  1. firstamend07

    When the Senate Democratic Leadership found out about this attempt to close the State House ,they acted and the Lobbyists were allowed in to do their ” thing” .

    Please give credit where credit is due. The Senate Democrats ,led by your ” enemy” made this go away.

    I also must give special credit to State Senator Weinberg . She is proving to be a real thorn in the side to the Governor .  

  2. Couch Potato Politics (Post author)

    …have SWEENEY giving the “No Entry” order. Will supply refutation or confirmation when more comes in.  


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