News Roundup & Open Thread for Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Persnickety internet issues this morning, so late Roundup. But the good news is that this is an Open Thread …

More rain, and FEMA

  • FEMA arrives today to assess flood damage in NJ.

    Spicuzzo pleads not guilty

  • Former Middlesex Dem Chair says he’s not guilty of bribery and official misconduct charges which include takign $50,000 in bribes for jobs & promotions in 2007 and 2008.

    Flemington Borough Council swarmed by opposition to Union Hotel plan

  • Two plans compete for approval to bring the Union Hotel, a state beauty with history steeped in the Lindbergh Baby Trial, back to life. So why is Council choosing the plan likely to cost the taxpayers more – maybe much more?  

    The Chinatown bus and other cheap transports

  • They crash too much and lawmakers in NJ/NY including Frank Lautenberg want tighter regulation.

    Preventing GI suicides

  • Bill reintroduced in the House by Rush Holt, and Senate by Frank Lautenberg, seeks to close a critical gap in suicide prevention for soldiers not currently covered by the military’s suicide-prevention efforts.

  • NJ mom of Iraq vet suicide victim Coleman Bean joins Rep. Rush Holt to push prevention act.

    At the Cherry Hill Rally for Unions, Public Workers, and the Middle Class

  • Deciminyan takes the stage at the MoveOn rally to announce a South Jersey meetup supporting progressive Assembly candidate Marie Corfield. (Rally photos)

    Christie, lying about his reasons, refuses to negotiate health care cost increase with NJ public unions

  • Bob Masters, Political Director, CWA: “It represents a pretty fundamental attack on a long-established right to bargain over health care which goes back as long as there has been unions in New Jersey. We are going to insist that our legal right to bargain over health care be honored by this governor as it has been by every governor.”


  • E3 and the Education Lobbying Business: Lost in all the news stories about NJEA’s lobbying spending? How much the “choice” and voucher groups are spending.
  • Study: Christie’s pension reforms fall short: Actuarial Study obtained by NJ Press Media shows funds for both teachers and state workers will dip precipitously if there are no changes to the system.
  • NJ schools’ insurance company offers lifetime health care benefits to eligible retirees.
  • At budget hearing, groups make their appeals for funding they know they may not get.

    Multiple nuclear reactors on the brink of disaster in Japan – what lessons or questions for New Jersey?

  • Hopeful on The Key Nuclear Questions.

  • Rush Holt on Rachel Maddow What’s the next thing our physicist/congressman is worried about?


  • Pollster Patrick Murray calls it for the Dems.

    “Shared Sacrifice”: Mentally Ill & Disabled Edition

  • Christie’s budgetary priorities will make things harder for some people already trying to overcome obstacles.

    Tea Party candidates reworking it for 2012 campaigns

  • Hot topic: Will it be Doherty or Little who take on Menendez? Or both? (And wouldn’t that be fun?)

    Assembly Democrats want to get to the bottom of this

  • 3-hour hearing on school construction in poor NJ communities failed to satisfy Democratic members of a state Assembly committee trying to determine how 10 projects were picked this year over 100 others.

  • Hearing sheds little light.

    Loretta Weinberg calls Christie out

  • On his latest whopper.

  • Comment (1)

    1. firstamend07

      Is this statement a joke?

      ” We are going to insist that our legal right to bargain over health care be honored by this governor as it has been by every governor.”

      There have been critical CWA posts before written, maybe a little to critical I admit, BUT THIS RESPONSE TO CHRISTIE IS ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC!

      You are going to ” insist!”. I am sure Christie is quaking in his boots!  

      How about this for a response,” Hey Governor , this IS the only issue we will talk about and if you do not want to talk then go **** yourself!”  

      There are times when you just have to stand up for yourself.



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