News Roundup & Open Thread for Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy first day of Spring! Go away now, snow.

Press of Atlantic City calls Christie out

  • Going farther than Asm Moriarty did in asking why public money is supporting Christie’s very political “Town Halls”, the paper sees not only transparency and use of taxpayer funds issues in Christie’s conduct but ethics issues also – not only in his “Town Halls” but in his self-promotional national conduct.

    Chris Cerf, Hypocrite

  • Christie’s Acting Education Commissioner, whose nomination is being held up by Ronald Rice, the Senator who represents Newark, writes about Newark Schools, whose pro-privatiation overhaul plan his private company designed in secret, where he apparently failed to disclose a relationship with Cory Booker, and where the loudest calls to dump him come from.

    Citified Newark, and leafy Highland Park

  • Bob Braun: Both places are dealing with issues raised by the presence – and Christie’s promotion of – charter schools, with rising anger as communities perceive that funding, space & supplies are diverted to charters as traditional publics are starving for resources, says Joseph DePierro, dean of Seton Hall’s College of Education and Human Services.

    More charter school hypocrisy

  • People who run charter schools – charters supported by your tax dollars – don’t have the same ceiling on their pay that Gov. Christie is getting famous for putting on public schools.

    Post-Spicuzzo Middlesex Dems

  • Former Assemblyman Peter Barnes, 82, joins the field to vie for Middlesex Dems County Chair.


  • Legislature considers testing of newborns for heart defects, the low-cost, low-risk test pulse ox test may save babies’ lives.

  • Is it red tape or good regulation?

  • A proposal to alter health-care benefits in NJ is under fire for a provision that some experts say would push government workers out of the state insurance pool into plans with private carriers.

  • Mark Lunsford, whose 3-grade daughter Jessica was murdered by a sex offender, has a news conference today supporting GOP Asw Nancy Munoz bill for longer prison sentences for child sex offenses.

    Gloucester County

  • Chris Christie and the GOP have their eye on once-reliably blue Gloucester, Steve Sweeney’s home county: New political battlefield.

    Christie tilts right as the nation notices

  • Daily Journal notices that Christie appears to be trading off some support at home taking positions that get him bigger national right-wing street cred.

    So, where does all this lead?

  • If Chris “No, I’m not running” Christie does run for President, he may be studying the Ronald Reagan playbook.

    Where they stand on Libya

  • Statements on the developments in Libya, from the NJ congressional delegation.

    Lautenberg Supports Natural Gas Fracking Bill

  • Lautenberg and Sen. Bob Casey introduce legislation to establish basic health protections that must be met when gas companies use hydraulic fracturing – fracking –  to extract underground natural gas.

    Rob Andrews

  • Herb Jackson: Go-to spokesman & trusted lieutenant for the Minority Leader, Andrews is a valuable player for the national Democrats, but at home is cut-off and isolated by a Democratic congressional delegation that no longer trusts him.

    Totowa Dems’ Barbara O’Byrne

  • Pro-Girgenti, and anti-Gardner.  
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    1. Jay Lassiter

      Clearnly Chairwoman O’Byrne is a big fan of John Girgenti.  Their long close relationship would probably explain their tight political alliance.  She really gushes the praise.

      Fair enough.  So I can’t help but wonder about her opinion on the increasingly scandal-plagued PVSC where her friend John Girgenti serves as gate-keeper.

      Maybe Ms. O’Byrne is comfortable paying huge property tax bills because of the corruption at places like the PVSC (aided by fer friend and ally John Girgenti.)  If that’s the case she’s just as detached as Girgenti is.

    2. 12mileseastofTrenton

      is a must read.  Shows you what a phony Sweeney and his crooked pal Norcross are.  Hopefully, the pro-Republican trend in Gloucester will take Sweeney out.  But I’m not counting on it.


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