New Jersey’s Members of Congress on Libya

President Barack Obama’s decision to commit the American military to the United Nations action in Libya has come about without a Congressional vote and can safely be described as controversial. Evidently the President thinks Col. Gaddafi will be overthrown quickly. Our two senators are strongly in favor. Naturally, most of our Representatives have taken the opportunity to say nothing–as you’ll notice I’m doing too. As for our regular users, Couch Potato Politics thinks Obama’s Libya war is unconstitutional and unwise. Here’s what I’ve found…

Frank Lautenberg’s Libya statement

“It is welcome news that the Security Council has voted to stop Qaddafi’s slaughter of thousands of Libyan people who are seeking freedom” stated Lautenberg.  “The madness employed by Qaddafi’s guns, tanks, planes and artillery against innocent men and women seeking human rights must be stopped immediately.”

The release also points out that “the U.S. Senate passed a resolution co-sponsored by Senator Lautenberg, which condemned Qaddafi and called for a no-fly zone.” (Sort of.)

Senator Menendez also called for a no-fly zone and additionally denounced Qadhafi’s cease-fire:

“Muammar Qadhafi is a terrorist – plain and simple. Just days ago, Qadhafi said he would hunt down every person opposing him. After years of violently oppressing the Libyan people and silencing political opposition, we cannot – and should not – take Qaddafi at his word. The announcement today is nothing more than an attempt to distract and deceive the international community while internally pursuing his hunt. The international community must follow through, impose an immediate no-fly zone, provide desperately needed humanitarian assistance, and extend a hand of friendship to the Libyan people.  This is our opportunity to effect change and end Qadhafi’s rule of terror.”

Frank Pallone on twitter:

Admiral Mullen rightly states that US play supporting role in Libyan military action. Europeans & Arabs should be out front.

That’s it for Representatives, although I should note Frank LoBiondo’s recent call to “investigate” Gaddafi:

Now, we are confronted with reports that Libyan officials close to Muammar Muhammad al-Gaddafi have indicated they have proof that Mr. Gaddafi himself ordered the bombing of Flight 103… If evidence exists that other individuals participated in the attack on PanAm Flight 103, the Justice Department should pursue all options to bring those responsible to justice.

In possibly related news, Donald Payne has a long and thoughtful statement on the crisis in Côte d’Ivoire.  

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  1. Hopeful (Post author)

    Anyway, weigh in with your thoughts or point me to statements from our Representatives.

  2. Couch Potato Politics

    “No Fly Zone” is a euphemism for WAR that allows politicians to start war without using the word WAR.

    So many unemployed workers, foreclosed homes, skyrocketing healthcare costs and we’re getting involved in another WAR.

  3. Jay Lassiter

    I share with virtually all  americans an absolute commitment to the well-being  and support of our troops in this and every endeavor.

    I am concerned, however, with the strategic value of this mission. Although I obviously share the concern of the global community over the inhumane treatment of innocent Libyans, I have doubts about the wisdom of intervening in a civil war in any nation. We should commit our troops only when a vital interest of the United States is at stake; when it is clear that means short of military involvement will likely not succeed; and when there is a clear strategic plan to succeed in the military endeavor and remove ourselves from the scene of the conflict in a way that preserves the success of the mission. At this point, the facts do not meet this test. I will support our troops in all respects while raising my concerns


  4. deciminyan

    I wrote this before the President declared war on Libya. But it’s as true now as it was a week ago.

  5. Jay Lassiter

    Is there anymore more counterproductively hawkish on Cuba and Libya in the entire US Senate than Bob Menendez?



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