Gov. Brown’s Progressive Budget Alternative

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We all know that Gov. Christie has ruled out any and all revenue-side solutions to New Jersey’s fiscal problems. The State Treasurer just reiterated that Christie would veto any tax extension, even a surcharge on New Jersey’s wealthiest and most comfortable residents.

Our governors next door, Gov. Corbett in Pennsylvania and Gov. Cuomo in New York, have made the same promises. They refuse to look at an entire half of the budget ledger, preferring to “share” the sacrifice with everyone but the rich. So one might wonder, since both Republican and Democratic governors are taking this approach, maybe there’s no other way to fix our fiscal problems?

Well, there is an alternative. Gov. Brown in California, confronting one of the country’s most severe budget deficits, has proposed a

balanced budget solution that is essentially fifty percent revenue enhancements and fifty percent spending cuts. While Gov. Brown knows that his proposed spending cuts will be painful, he is drawing a line in the sand and refusing to acquiesce to Republican demands to shield the wealthy from their responsibilities. Republicans are even proposing additional corporate tax cuts while simultaneously claiming the state is going bankrupt.

Watch Gov. Brown in his own words below. He’s not going to give in without a fight — hopefully we can get Gov. Brown into one of Christie’s “town halls.” I know he’d refuse to be shouted down.


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