Everyone Is Fleeing New Jersey!

For the past 10 years, eight of them with a Democratic Governor and all of them with a Democratic legislature, the GOP has whined that people are moving hand over fist out of the state of New Jersey due to Democratic policies.

Each time a prediction came out that NJ was going to lose a member of Congress, and we are, the Democratic Party was to blame.

So how do they explain the Census giving population growth of 377K over the past decade, a 4.5 percent growth in the number of people in the state?  

Only two counties, Essex (D) and Cape May (R) lost population with every other county growing.  

Twenty-eight states grew less than New Jersey in total residents added, putting NJ in the top 45 percent for population growth.

We’re growing slower than the nation as a whole, sure, but a lot of that is because we are built out.  We don’t have a ton of places to put more people and the places we do have don’t have jobs so putting more people there doesn’t really make sense.

All in all, a 4.3 percent growth rate is pretty good.  I’d rather have kept our Representative, but the idea that people are running away from New Jersey is just more GOP cow cookies.

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  1. tabbycat31

    in the last 10 years (2007 to be exact).  I haven’t looked back and love living here.

  2. bluescat1

    in plenty of other states and there is no other place that has the diversity and culture of NJ.

  3. Alex

    I’m one of the people contributing to the net influx of people to this state over the past decade (2002 to be precise). I’m still not sure whether on balance it was a good decision but since my partner and my job are here, I didn’t have much choice. On the bad days, I simply blame him. 😉

  4. speedkillsu

    So I guess my beck and call to all those who want to live large off the state is working ,however I also told all those who want to preserve their assets to leave is working as well http://www.forbes.com/2010/06/

  5. speedkillsu

    the 2 million people that live at the poverty level …..it’s going to be real tough for them to support our bloated state workers pensions and benefits …..but lets worry about that ,because people still aren’t really fleeing new Jersey are they  


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