Countdown: 8 Days till the Jeff Gardner Money Bomb on March 24

Okay, bean sprouts. We’re now just 8 days out from Blue Jersey’s first-ever money bomb, and it’s for Blue Jersey’s own Jeff Gardner.

What’s a money bomb? Think of it as a juiced-up, concentrated grassroots effort to raise $$ for a great candidate – Jeff Gardner for Senate. Here’s where Jeff’s money bomb is going:

  • LD-35: Jeff’s home district (Paterson-area).

  • Statewide: Jeff’s status as a statewide progressive priority means support from all over NJ.

  • National: Democracy for America (DFA) is all over this, and progressive & LGBT groups all over the country will likely jump in, too.

    In other words, this is a big deal. Want in? Any contribution you can make – $5, $25, 250, anything – puts power behind Jeff’s race, and makes you part of this chance to send a better class of Democrat to Trenton, where he is sorely needed.

    What we’re going to ask you to do is sign up now to RSVP that you’ll jump in with a contribution on March 24th, Money Bomb Day for Jeff. More than 55 people already have.

    RSVP now to join the Jeff Gardner for Senate Money Bomb March 24th!

    Blue Jerseyans, DFA’ers, friends, Thank you. You amaze me every day.

    Jeff Gardner, on NJN’s Reporters Roundtable
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    1. Jeff Gardner

      This is a people-powered campaign, and your support means the world to me!


    2. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

      Use hashtag: #GardnerMoneyBomb

      Can I get some RT’s? Let me make it easy:

      RT @bluejersey Real #Democrats: In 8 days,we gonna MoneyBomb for Jeff Gardner. You in? #GardnerMoneyBomb #ticktickBOOM

    3. Chubby

      I’m not in this district, but I’ll toss what I can.

      I see it as a wake up call to elected official who feel they can lump around like a sack of potatoes, while being under the illusion of being a brand name.

      And what I mean by that is, that since they’re a Dem, then that’s all that is important.  I just hope that people start noticing this, and that just because somebody’s a Dem, that’s just not good enough.


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