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Well, today is the day. I am asking all of my friends and supporters looking to change Trenton to head to my Act Blue page and make a donation to support my campaign.

JeffGardner_headshotThe idea behind a money bomb is simple: it’s a term used to describe a grassroots fundraising effort over a brief, fixed time period – usually to support a candidate for election by dramatically increasing, concentrating, and publicizing fundraising activity during a specific hour or day. In my case, the time is now, the day is here, and the link is this: Jeff Gardner Money Bomb

This money bomb is about showing the strength of the progressive netroots, and the stark difference between Senator Girgenti’s campaign and mine. We’re a people powered campaign.

I’m raising money from normal, everyday people looking for better representation in Trenton. My opponent is raising money from special interests and lobbyists looking for something in return. We need leaders fighting for the people in the State Senate, not just the politically connected.  more below

But, I can’t topple a 30-year incumbent without your help. If you step up for me over the three months, I promise I’ll be a strong voice for you fighting back against Governor Christie’s regressive policies. We need Democrats in Trenton with the guts to stand up to this Governor, to stand up to the policies we believe in, and to fight for progressive ideals.    

Please spread the word about today’s money bomb to your friends on Facebook and Twitter and let’s make a real impact today.  

I’m asking for a $25 commitment today from friends and supporters. Contribute here. I hope I can count on you to join my campaign and help me unseat John Girgenti.

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  1. Rosi Efthim

    Contributing … again!

  2. Jeff Doshna

    And wrote a diary entry about why.

    Tick Tick Boom!

  3. Alex

    I’ve been telling all the people I know who in the past have professed their frustration with Christie, his Republican pals and with Democrats who just play along with his policies that they can just sit and whine or they can do something. And that “something” is to put some financial push into a campaign like Jeff’s. It’s really that simple. After all, most of us can’t vote in Jeff’s district but we sure can contribute money so he can get his message out, especially in the face of Girgenti’s deep pockets. My partner and I have done our part (and threw some more money into the basket today) and we’re reminding all our friends to do theirs.

  4. tabbycat31

    but I will give you whatever support I can from Monmouth County.

  5. Kaili Lambe

    Let’s make this money bomb huge!

  6. jeffpickens

    On to victory in June, then November!


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