I’ve been in a union training all day at the Labor Education Center at Rutgers, teaching blogging to dozens of CWA shop stewards. Each of them has committed 2 hours/week to telling the story of their work, their union & their organizing, a workers’ antidote to a caustic Christie narrative.

The Labor Ed Center was buzzing with news from Wisconsin and frustrations with Trenton (see Recent Diaries,  The Blue Jersey community is swelling with new folks from labor. Pictures and a little video, tomorrow.

Meanwhile, our sister blog in Minnesota – The Uptake – is on the ground one state over at the Wisconsin capitol. Their first two videos – shot just a couple hours ago – follow the vid (from RTAmerica) I’ve been playing all day, Wisconsin’s capitol, yesterday:

From The Uptake, Wisconsin Democratic Party Communications Director Graham Zelinski, explaining why Democratic senators left the state in an effort to block passage of the anti-union law:

A student explains why and where she slept at the Capitol last night:

For more – Live stream is here.

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  1. jeffpickens

    ..on behalf of their constituents. Were there any NJEA representatives at that workshop?

    Time for New Jersey to take a lesson from Wisconsin, who took a lesson from last year’s complacency of NJ citizenry. Now we face an uphill battle, doable, but uphill.

  2. firstamend07

    CWA has been complacent for years.

    The NJEA has been out f touch for years.

    The membership has been uninvolved for years.

    For that we have Christie. For that we have a wisconsin.

    I have always had a theory about successful unions. A union is only successful when it is lean and mean.When Unions get ” fat” they become targets.

    Njea got fat with success.

    CWA is fat.

    No one believed that all can be lost. It can happen.

    Rank and file need to step up and either change their leadership or hold their feet to the fire.  



  3. SmartyJones

    Off topic maybe.  But I am so awed by the WI protests, I had to post.

    There’s an article at TPM (sorry, my cut and paste has left my ‘puter) that’s good.  But the two most wonderful things were:

    A protester with a sign that said, “First they came for the trade unionists and I didn’t say anything.”  

    A vidio put togeter by (I think) a UW student of the first three days of protests:


    I hope the link works.


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