Overheard at Jeff Gardner’s big fundraiser in Cherry Hill

Conventional wisdom – people telling Jeff Gardner he had zero shot to unseat Senator John Girgenti as Hawthorne Democratic Municipal Chair:

“You can’t possibly win against somebody who’s been there for 30 years!”


“We creamed them.”

Later, speaking of the next race he’s likely to run against Senator Girgenti, for Girgenti’s 35th District seat in the Senate:

If he tells his story and I tell my story, then I win. If he tells his story and nobody hears mine, he wins.

       – Jeff, thanking guests today

Jeff Gardner at Jay Lassiter's Pink Sangria Party
Hot Hot Progressive Ticket

All I can say is Jay Lassiter gives one hell of a Pink Sangria party. Jay’s beautiful house was wall-to-wall people today, all of us there to join the Senate campaign of Jeff Gardner. Blue Jersey people. DFA people. Garden State Equality people. People from Jeff’s district, and from all over the place, confirming once again that the progressive community is itching & ready as hell to elect good people to represent us.

I had a lot of fun meeting people who’ve been posting at Blue Jersey for years, but I’ve never met in the flesh. Y’all know who you are – it was a total pleasure seeing you today. Jump with me for the pictures.

Jay Lassiter, Rev. Jeffrey B. Ziegler, Kim Otto
Host Jay Lassiter with Rev. Jeff B. Ziegler & Kim Otto

The Littlest Advocate: Andrew W. of Cherry Hill-area
The Littlest Advocate: Andrew W. of Cherry Hill-area


Josh Aronovitch & Lori Braunstein
Josh Aronovitch & Sustainable Cherry Hill’s Lori Braunstein

Joey Novick & friends
Joey Novick finds some friends & readers

Comments (6)

  1. GayTeen4Obama

    Girgenti can keep his corrupt PVSC money, Jeff Gardner has the grassroots support it takes to win.

  2. Alex

    Still angry and frustrated by the fact that, thanks to the likes of John Girgenti, people like me and my partner still do not enjoy the benefits of civil marriage equality in this state, I already had a very good reason to be happy about Jeff Gardner challenging Girgenti. But thanks to Jay, I had the opportunity to talk to Jeff firsthand about other issues and walked away with even more reason to be hopeful, excited and supportive. This despite the fact that I live nowhere near his district. But Jeff made an important point: a state senator represents us all and, in Girgenti’s case, has done so very poorly. All New Jerseyans have a stake in this race.

  3. denniscmcgrath

    and there’s another house party for Jeff coming up soon in Hunterdon County.


  4. Bill Orr

    goes to Jeff.  Sorry I could not be at the event.  


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