News Roundup & Open Thread for Thursday, Feb. 17, 2011

Christie’s ‘Big Things’ ‘Big Washington Rollout’ Speech

  • “We must fix America.”

  • Christie criticizes GOP, Dems for ducking issues in speech at conservative think tank

  • Here’s VIDEO of the speech and Q & A afterwards.

    Does somebody you know need a primer on C. J. Christie?

  • Try this: Warning: New Jersey Could Go Red: Chris Christie’s Conversion From Pragmatist to Ideologue – by Gordon A. MacInnes

    At the first town hall meeting in New Jersey’s history to focus exclusively on unemployment

  • Yesterday, in Princeton, an emotional meeting of jobless New Jerseyans talking with each other and senators Shirley Turner & Linda Greenstein and Assemblymembers Bonnie Watson Coleman and Wayne DeAngelo.


  • AFL-CIO President Charles Wowkanech: The time to negotiate is now.
  • $5 bucks more per ticket: Obama’s controversial flight ticket surcharge proposal draws praise from Port Authority director.
  • Gov. Christie says U.S. should raise Social Security retirement age.

    Annual League of Municipalities mayors legislative day

  • Mayors lobby lawmakers for ‘tool kit’ reforms to help manage tight budgets.
  • Addressing NJ mayors, DCA Commish Lori Grifa says civil service & pension reform are essential.


  • Ex Burlco Dem: party organization was ‘falling apart structurally’.


  • School finance expert testifies NJ can still provide quality education despite significant cuts to school funding, but doesn’t appear to be familiar with NJ core curriculum standards or labor contracts.
  • Acting NJ education chief proposal links teacher pay, tenure to student performance.
  • More schools adopting mandatory school dress codes

    More crap from the PVSC scatological puns factory

  • Kevin Keogh, the 3rd ex-Passaic Sewerage Authority manager pleads not guilty on misconduct charges.

    NJ’s poorest residents fear Christie budget will cut Medicaid funds

  • Advocates for NJ’s poorest residents are bracing for a tough battle when Gov. Christie unveils a state budget they fear will include painful cuts in Medicaid funding.

    NJ residents disapprove of state takeover of Atlantic City

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    1. Kosh Naranek

      “Do you have an opinion as to whether New Jersey, under current funding, can deliver thorough and efficient education as measured by core curriculum (emphasis mine)?” Superior Court Judge Peter F. Doyne asked Hanushek.

      “My opinion is that it can,” Hanushek said.




      Under cross-examination by Gregory Little, who represents the Education Law Center, Hanushek said he had not studied New Jersey’s core curriculum standards, which are the measure of thorough and efficient education in the state.

      contradiction=opposition between two conflicting forces or ideas; at odds(p): in disagreement; unable to be both true at the same time; that is diametrically opposed to something; mutually exclusive; dumbass who testifies as to the truth of something into which he hasn’t really looked.


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