News Roundup & Open Thread for Thursday, Feb. 10, 2011

“(Chris) Smith invokes “bigotry” against the unborn child, but don’t be fooled. The only bias at play here is against a woman’s right to choose.”

  • Star-Ledger editorial: Abortion bill is an assault on women’s health care.

    D E L U S I O N A L

  • Gov. Christie takes credit for new tunnel proposal.

  • Gateway Tunnel proposal requires Gov. Christie to engage. Can the leopard change his spots?

    Mmm mmm good!

  • Instead of gallivanting off to Illinois on a political stunt under the pretext of attracting business to the Garden State, Gov. Christie could be home helping a big company already here with something big that would boost Camden enormously.

    Nice going, Brian Stack.

  • Charlie Stile: Governor feeling the love – from a Democrat.

    Christie very much in the loop on the firing of NJ Transit worker who burned Quran pages

  • NJ Transit fired Derek Fenton, an 11-year employee, for breaking its ethics code. He was never arrested when he burned Quran pages to protest building an Islamic center downtown Manhattan.


  • Codey backers suspect Essex County power brokers intend to redraw his legislative district.
  • 35th District volatility: Assemblywoman Nellie Pou (D-North Haledon) and Jeff Gardner of Hawthorne occupied two seats against the same wall in close proximity tonight at the reapportionment hearing, but they may end up on separate sides of a Democratic Party war in the 35th District.


  • Bob Braun: vouchers would wrongly use taxes for schools with religious affiliations.
  • Tom Kean Jr. has zero problems using taxes for religious & private schools, doesn’t see it that way.
  • School vouchers legislation heads for state Senate vote as early as next Thursday.
  • Union City Schools: A Test Case for Christie Reforms?
  • NJ education schools’ deans threaten to boycott first-ever ranking of U.S. best teachers colleges.


  • The drop in NJ bond rating could add to state’s borrowing costs, financial problems.

  • Joe Cryan on the S&P bond rating downgrade: “The Governor has nobody to blame but himself and honestly, it’s time for Chris Christie to start owning up to problems as opposed to blaming everybody else…”

  • Proposed cuts to staff would put public at risk, Warren County prosecutor tells county freeholders.

  • Legal notices on Web? Bill needs 2.0 revision. (Jeremy Rosen column)

    National profile: Good for Christie?

  • He says no, no, no but pundits keep talking up Christie for 2012, maybe because none of the other prospects are setting the party on fire.


  • Trenton: Seriously? Fix this. Who’s got a shovel?

  • Camden: To pick up a $5.1 million grant to hire firefighters, the city first has to balance its budget.

  • Atlantic City: NJ Casino Control Commissioner Michael C. Epps resigns.

  • Hoboken: Noise.

    Teaching Democrats ‘How to Fight’

  • Illuminating profile of Stephanie Taylor and New Jerseyan (and former NJDSC Communications Director) Adam Green, on how they started PCCC – Progressive Change Campaign Committee.  
  • Comments (5)

    1. 12mileseastofTrenton

      But this is nothing new in NJ politics, particularly in places like Hudson County.  There were many Democratic officeholders who voiced support for Kean.  And in ’69, the entire Hudson County organization supported Cahill over Meyner because of past feuds.

    2. 12mileseastofTrenton

      I predict they’re going to dismantle the 27th district and create a new 27th centered in Ocean County.  They did the same thing 20 years ago with the 30th district.

      If I were Codey, I’d not waste my time running against, say Pennachio, if Roseland gets moved to the 26th.  He should leave the senate and start planning for a run for governor.

    3. Bertin Lefkovic

      Jeff’s mention is the first I have ever heard of them.  It has always been my understanding that the party line has always been awarded by the PCDO’s Executive Committee.

      Assuming for a moment that both Hawthorne and North Haledon remain in LD35, I think that it is pretty clear that PCDO Chair, John Currie, and Paterson Mayor, Jeff Jones, are going to push State Senator John Girgenti aside for someone in both of their inner circles.  Shavonda Sumter seems the likely choice.

      Assemblywoman Nellie Pou will most likely be asked to run for re-election to her Assembly seat on the party line and she will most likely accept as the only thing that exceeds her ambition to run for State Senate is her unwillingness to buck the party establishment and run as an insurgent.

      Assemblywoman Elease Evans could be the odd woman out if Jeff Gardner is offered and accepts the opportunity to run for Assembly on the party line.  If this happens, I think that Evans will run off the line with Girgenti and his former chief of staff, Paterson Councilman Andre Sayegh.

      If Sumter-Pou-Gardner and Girgenti-Evans-Sayegh are the competing slates, there is also a possibility that a third slate could emerge with former Paterson Mayor Joey Torres at the top.


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