News Roundup & Open Thread for Feb. 19-20, 2011

Jeff Gardner for Senate

  • Charlie Stile: Passaic Democratic Chair John Currie’s support could swing to veteran (Girgenti) or newbie (Gardner) in 35th.  

    Gov. Chris Christie: The Biggest Sham In American Politics

  • Bill Scher, writing for in Huffington Post, saw a lot of crap in Govy’s ‘Big Things’ ‘Big Washington Rollout’ speech at AEI.
  • FAIR (Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting) analyzes Christie’s AEI speech and Washington Post’s fawning coverage of it.
  • Americans for Prosperity director (and Christie primary opponent) Steve Lonegan isn’t impressed with Christie either, which earns him the name backyard backstabber by POLITICO.  

    Christie vetoes 14 bills containing tax cuts and tax breaks

  • At long last, Govy has his way with the Democrats’ economic stimulus/job creation bills package called ‘Back to Work New Jersey’. We’ll see if he includes the few ideas he liked in his Tuesday budget address, as he hints.

    Palatucci on the possibility of a 2012 Christie presidential run exploratory committee: “I might frankly contemplate that. There’s so much interest out there, it’s leaving money on the table by not having one.”

  • The Governor’s best friend and former law partner usually punts questions of Christie’s most immediate national aspirations. That quote must have “slipped”.

  • Senate president sees Christie gearing up for 2012 White House bid.

    Lawmakers bracing for battle following Christie’s budget address

  • A scorecard, from Star-Ledger.

  • Christie’s budget plan: how painful?

    Physicist Congressman Rush Holt on House GOP’s drive for massive cuts in science funding

  • LISTEN – Science Friday on Talk of the Nation, NPR.

    Live in Union County?

  • Stifle your home rule, and come out to talk consolidation with Gina Genovese and Courage to Connect New Jersey, starting Wednesday.

    Somerset County

  • Solar powerhouse.


  • Smaller.

    Schoolyard showdown: N.J. Gov. Christie criticizes giving urban districts so much aid. He should visit Union City.

  • Gordon MacInnes throws a spotlight on Union City – Abbott district, poor, with many Spanish-speaking kids – and tracks the decisions the district made that lead to high-performance. Better ideas than vouchers.

    We’ll have to see if the new rules of school building funding

  • are the same for Christie Democratic pals.

    Do-nothing Justice Roberto Rivera-Soto

  • NJ Senate backs calls for him to resign.


  • Council amends budget proposal with smaller tax hike.

  • Philadelphia & Camden fire departments work on working together.  
  • Comments (3)

    1. firstamend07

      The Governors ” Best Friend” does have a real job,besides being a ” political godfather” to Chrisite.

      Palatucci is Senior Vice-President of the Community Education Centers,Inc.which operates privatized prisons ,Halfway houses,and education programs for inmates both nationally and in New Jersey.This company controls the vast majority of Halfway houses in our State.  

      It is no coincidence that the New Jersey Dept. Of Corrections is currently working on an RFP to privatize prison education. It Is also no coincidence that in last years budget Palatucci’s private Halfway House system in New Jersey received a ” bump” in Appropriations out of the NJDOC budget at the same time that the overall DOC budget was reduced.

      The “dark side” of Mr. Palatucci is that he still needs to make money and the best way to make money is to get his “buddy” to help privatize ,step by step, the Billion dollar Prison system.

      Power =Money and vice versa.

      Christie and Palatucci are connected  at the hip. There is no financial savings reason to privatize this area of the NJDOC ,so it has to be for political reasons.

      I guess it is good to have friends in high places!    

    2. brendanod

      story is just PR spin job trying to deflect the accurate criticisms that laying off a third of the Camden Fire Dept will have no negative effect towards public safety.  Philadelphia would have always provided assistance for the major event that occurs once every couple of years.  This is not a story.

      Mayor Redd is another DINO who has jumped on the Christie anti-labor movement.  Although she has inherited an impossible situation, buying into the Christie slash and burn / anti-labor  movement will not solve the woes of Camden.   Floating some BS story like The Philadelphia Fire Department is going to assist the Camden Fire Dept. on a regular basis is as intellectually dishonest as Chris Christie.  Camden is in trouble. No amount of BS is going to hide the reality there.  


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