Christie’s ‘Big Things’ Speech at American Enterprise Institute in DC (video)

Okay, here it is, Christie’s “sold-out” speech at right-wing think tank American Enterprise Institute in Washington today, billed as a major speech. I’ve heard a small portion of this myself today, but won’t have time to sit down and listen start-to-finish till tomorrow. But one big whopper of a false statement has already been reported by DSWright, noted in this diary, when Christie presented himself as a Trenton outsider who never worked in the state capital before he had the big job. Christie, the former registered statehouse lobbyist. Here’s Christie’s AEI speech, today. Dying to hear what you think. It’s about 1 hour.

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  1. Jay Lassiter

    …i am going to spend an hour out of my life helping to jack up AEI’s video traffic you’re nuts!

    What could he possibly say that we won’t hear about 1000x locally anyway.

    Why we continue to promote every Christie-themed video that gets pushed out is beyond me… it sometimes feels like CC’s vids get higher billing than the ones made by BlueJersey members (self included.)

    So you’ll forgive me if i pass i hope.

  2. Louise

    Rove sees him as the best bet – a fiscally Conservative Tea Party Lite candidate from the East, who will follow Rove’s and the Plutocrat’s directions to the letter.

    So what are we going to do about it?

    Who is working on the unauthorized Christie bio-expose that has to be published next Spring in order to torpedo Christie’s inevitability? Even a committee-produced book is better than nothing at all.

    We can hand-wring because we know what is coming – or we can be proactive.

    What is being planned? How can I help, if at all? Please contact me off list.


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