Weekend Roundup and Open Thread for Saturday, January 15, 2011

We start the weekend off on a sad note:

One of Lakewood's finest shot “execution style”
Authorities seeking a “person of interest” in the killing of Police Officer Christopher Matlosz Friday afternoon

More layoffs in Camden
Including up to 170 police officers

NJ revenue intake exceeds expectations
The state took in $12.61 billion – almost $600 million more than was projected, according to state Treasurer Andrew Sidamon-Eristoff.
Some key items of interest:
 > Some high-income taxpayers, expecting the Bush-era tax cuts to expire in 2011, took their income in 2010
 > Corporation business taxes came in 21.7 percent above projections
 > Collections from the state lottery were down 3.3 percent.

New funding for NJN
Three-month budget approved that includes $2.1 million in new state aid; Christie still calling for privatization
The battle over school superintendent salary caps continues
A lawsuit  by the NJASAand two Morris County superintendents alleges a moratorium on contract approval until the DOE completes an “inventory” of those contracts is illegal.

more below the fold

Was anyone at the Paramus town hall meetingThursday?
 > Did the Governor carry conciliatory tone we saw on that day's earlier “Good Morning America” appearance
 > What happened to the “Countdown to Reform” calendar?
 > Did he keep his jacket on for the Q&A? 
 > Any reports from the ground, please post.

Senate Majority Leader Barbara Buono to host public hearing on the impact of Gov Christie’s state education cuts
Thursday, January 20
6:00pm – 8:30pm
Edison High School Auditorium
50 Boulevard of the Eagles
Edison, NJ

On a lighter note:
  > In North Jersey, where I grew up, we called it “sleigh riding“. In South Jersey, where I live now, they call it “sledding“. What do you call it?
 > Reminder: J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets vs New England Sunday, 4:40pm, on CBS

Comments (3)

  1. firstamend07

    Just a damn shame.

    I believe we will find out that this was gang related in some manner.

    These urban terrorists need to be stopped.

    I pray for him,his family,and his brothers and sisters on the force.

  2. ken bank

    Evidently Christie’s latest appointment to the State’s Commission on Education never heard of it or what it is about.

    So what will Christie do next?  Appoint Lou Dobbs to the Governor’s Advisory Committee on Hispanic Affairs?


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