The Making of Mordor

Recently I was invited to be interviewed on a radio program called NewlyGreens with Connie and Greg Mattison. The topic was Hydraulic Fracturing – the natural gas drilling technique that may soon make the Gulf Oil Disaster seem tame by comparison.…

What terrifies me as a civil engineering water resources expert, is this practice is turning beautiful PA  and other areas of our beautiful USA into Mordor.

Many NJ folks get their drinking water from the Delaware River.  However, the Delaware River Basin Commission doesn’t want to wait  for the EPA to finish their study on fracking.  They want to let PA Drilll Baby Drill even if it means it poisons drinking water for people in PA, New Jersey and ultimately, Delaware.

In NY state – if this practice is allowed to happen – the drinking water for NEW YORK CITY is in very real danger of contamination.  That will affect millions of people.  I know the Republicans in Congress could care less what folks in NYC are breathing (witness their heartless delay on the 911 responders bill) let alone what their water is like, but the ramifications of the reckless destruction of our water supplies in the Delaware River Basin will be nothing short of catastrophic.

Please check out the interview and the links which give more information about this.

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  1. Nick Lento

    Raping the future to satiate the abject insatiable greed of the present is evil.

    When NJ has polluted it’s water supply it will be too late and VERY expensive to filter every thing before it get to the tap.  

    Future generations of New Jerseyans will be CURSING us if we allow this to become a trillion dollar problem for the next 100 years  just so a few politically well connected petrochemical companies can EXTRACT a few million dollars in profits from our state at the expense of polluting our groundwater and our air and reducing the land they use to hellholes of pollution!!!

    Letting people make financial KILLINGS in the present that end up costing the future hundreds of times more than the current earnings is an immoral and unsustainable practice.    


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