The Ed Show: Marie Corfield & Adam Green on Christie

Ed Schultz caught up with the continuing questions about how he governs following his decision to spend go on vacation in Florida during last week’s blizzard, while he knew LG Kim Guadagno was unavailable on vacation in Mexico with her ailing father. That it’s national news now, international even, owes to the fact Christie’s head-banging, short-tempered, pugilistic rise was chronicled around the world. His slip from grace, if that’s what this is, is every bit as compelling. Try not to watch a train wreck.

One of the most damning pieces of information over the last couple days was Sen. Steve Sweeney, who Christie owes big, revealing he didn’t hear from Christie at all during the blizzard. After Christie said they talked. That’s reason enough to compel NJ Democratic legislators to launch an investigation of what really happened over those days Christie was away, says PCCC founder Adam Green in the video below. PCCC is Progressive Change Campaign Committee, which hosted a Where’s Christie? website this week.

Watching Christie’s finely-honed, brute-force message discipline frag all over the place since the snow, also merits a second look at some of the incidents, well stage-managed for Christie’s “YouTube Moments Team”, where the govenor’s bluster dominated. One of the earliest, best known of these was Christie’s confrontational conversation with Flemington teacher Marie Corfield at a Christie “Town Hall” in Hunterdon in September. Corfield was also on Ed’s show, reminding him that for governors, the needs of the many should outweigh the needs of the few.

Schultz didn’t ask Marie some of the questions I think she’d have wanted him to ask; much of what Ed wanted to know was about Christie’s personality. But we’re glad for the coverage from him of this; he’s right that this side of Christie deserves national scrutiny. The Ed Show:

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  1. Nick Lento

    Each passing week confirms what I and others here have been saying about Christie for years.   The guy is an assoholic bully.

    There is an interesting pattern of lying going on here.

    Christie knows that Bret Schundler and Steven Sweeney KNOW first hand that he’s a liar. Schundler is gone…….but Sweeney will be a harder nut for Christie to crack.

    Anyone who knows the story of how Christie drove up a one way street and put a motorcyclist in the hospital…and then got away without a ticket or a lawsuit knows that the man is a master manipulator, intimidator  and prevaricator.

    This is the Republican’s “Great White Hope” for 2012.    Pathetic.

    Shame on all of us in New Jersey for electing this asshole.   Shame on George Bush for selling him a job for 250K in early fundraising cash.  

    As for Christie himself, he’s shameless.  That’s how it is with assholes that are proud of being assholes.

    I could go on to write another three thousand words on precisely what  I mean by “asshole” but I’ll spare you since you likely could do that just as well!   😉


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