News Roundup & Open Thread for Wednesday, Jan. 19, 2010

Hello there.

As it was predicted, so it shall be

  • Jeff Gardner for Senate.

  • Got to love them liberal activists.

  • Sadly awful retort from the incumbent.

  • Pets? Really? Wow.

    Saddest, most frustrating news of the day

  • Camden’s police, nearly half its force laid off, will be too understaffed to respond to all the crimes it used to.  Labor negotiations are still going on, but it’s a bad scene.

  • Laid-off firefighter: “I wanted to be a part of this city.”

  • This is national news.
  • Damned fools of Westboro Baptist “Church” threaten to disrupt Saturday’s funeral for Private Benjamin Moore, killed in Afghanistan last week. Asm Reed Gusciora has a few words for them.
  • Took too long to rein in the these shenanigans.

    Newark School Superintendent Clifford Janey is out

  • Resigning,4 months after Gov. Christie declined to renew his contract.

    Schumer: Canceling ARC Tunnel a “terrible, terrible decision”

  • NY senator wants Christie to change his mind. Yeah, I don’t think so.

  • NJ gets a final deadline on the $271M tunnel money it owes the feds.

    Yay, let’s have more charter schools – that’ll fix everything!

  • Here’s a list of schools approved for 2011.

  • This headline’s pretty exciting till you read the details in the article.

  • Voucher this: Dick Zimmer to help Christie privatize as much Jersey education as possible.

  • A Christie doctrine on charter schools?

    “Different guy, same cause.”

  • Health care reform advocates at Rep. Jon Runyan’s new NJ-3 district office.

    RIP, Sargent Shriver

  • Did you know that Rutgers launched the first Peace Corps volunteers 50 years ago?

    High stakes

  • Legislative redistricting gets started, with some early GOP shenanigans.

  • One major thing’s settled for Newark & JC.

    Menendez beats all comers

  • So says a Fairleigh Dickenson poll.

    No going back

  • Not to the death penalty.

    Humpday Open Thread. What’s on your mind, cats and kittens?

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    1. deciminyan

      Welcome back, Rosi!

      Last week, we reported on a Bordentown firefighter, Ben Moore, who was killed in Afghanistan. His funeral is this Saturday and the nuts at the Westboro Baptist Church will be protesting. Mount Laurel veteran William Brown is leading a non-violent counter protest.   From his Facebook page:

      Hope I see you Saturday morning at 0800 at Trinity Church 300 block, Farnsworth Ave, Bordentown, NJ. Westboro Baptist church is planning one of their despicable protests at the funeral of Ben Moore, who passed away in Afghanistan last week. Let’s join the non-violent blockade of that piece of crap who desecrates our heroes funerals and honor our brother Ben Moore and his family.

    2. Bill Orr

      You have been sorely missed.  

    3. Louise

      ” ‘I want every child, regardless of zip code, to have the education their parents want them to have, and that is not the case today, particularly in urban communities,’ Christie said.”

      Is this a back-door invitation to charter school segregated by race, religion, or income levels?


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