Loretta Weinberg on Chris Christie: His anti-abortion speech is “crossing the line”

This morning, Adam posted a dead-on appraisal of the real driving force behind Gov. Chris Christie’s participation in yesterday’s anti-abortion rally organized by NJ Right to Life on the state house steps on the Roe v. Wade anniversary. Senator Loretta Weinberg’s comes at this from a different direction; she’s been engaged weekly, for months, in sponsoring multiple bills  to restore women’s health funding in New Jersey – funding that Gov. Christie removed from the budget. And she now says the Governor has crossed a line with this speech. Here’s what the Senator had to say last night, after Christie’s speech on the state house steps:

Governor Christie is entitled to his personal beliefs regarding a women’s right to choose.  However, when the Governor of the State of New Jersey espouses those personal beliefs in a public forum with an organization dedicated to overturning women’s health laws and the right to choose, he’s crossing the line from personal values to setting a foundation for public policy.

The Governor has to recognize that words have consequences.  By taking a hard-right stance on a women’s right to choose, the Governor is putting federal women’s health funds in jeopardy.

When the Governor vetoed legislation to restore women’s health funding, he said at the time that his motivation was based on fiscal caution.  However, we’ve seen a pattern emerge wherein his personal beliefs are the foundation for his public policy decisions.  The Governor’s participation in the New Jersey Right to Life rally today should eliminate any doubt that this Governor isn’t necessarily acting on fiscally conservative values, but more on socially conservative ones.

Governor Christie’s conservative politics and values are inconsistent with mainstream New Jersey.  New Jersey taxpayers – particularly women – should send the Governor a message.  He’s entitled to his personal beliefs, but those beliefs shouldn’t jeopardize women’s access to quality health care.

Thankfully, Roe v. Wade is the law of the land.  The Governor should instead focus on the many problems facing people here in this State, including the increased cost of Medicaid coverage for women who have no other means of accessing basic health care.

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