Jersey City’s Kids Love Natural Gas!

Did you know that little girls just looooove gas pipelines? They must – otherwise, why would Spectra Energy put litte girl clip-art on a mailing for their cleverly-named “Yes Gas Pipeline” effort? The mailing itself is fairly hilarious – I mean, if your slogan is “Yes Gas Pipeline,” shouldn’t you include at least one reason why your pipeline would be good for Jersey City, as opposed to defensive vagueries that basically translate to, “PIPELINE GOOD”?

As I wrote in a recent diary, citizens and officials in Jersey City are staunchly opposed to the construction of this pipeline by Spectra Energy, and sensibly so – it carries tremendous risk and zero reward. We are talking about potential explosions reaching schools and hospitals; toxic leaks; negative impact on property values and prospects for future development; and much more – all so NYC can get their gas on. So a postcard with a picture of a little girl doesn’t really answer any of the pressing questions about this pipeline, its safety, and why Jersey City should welcome Spectra Energy with open arms.

But perhaps the real questions are: Why won’t Governor Christie intervene; and why isn’t he even acknowledging the effort being made to stop the project? The No Gas Pipeline effort, Sierra Club, and Mayor Jeremiah Healy have all come out to say that they don’t want this thing to be built, with both Healy and NGP filing for intervenor status with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. But none of that matters, because the only person who can change the game right now is Governor Christie. He has been asked by Healy, the Sierra Club, and many concerned citizens to file as an intervenor with FERC by the January 26 deadline; but on this issue – perhaps for the first time ever – Chris Christie has been as silent as a mouse pissing on a piece of cotton.

Strangely, Governor Christie saw fit to stop a similar pipeline 15 MILES OFF SHORE between Asbury Park and Perth Amboy, but for some reason Jersey City hasn’t seen that level of interest. Or any level of interest. Crickets. Why won’t Governor Christie step in to help the people of one of his state’s second-largest city, even when they are lined up for blocks, asking for his help?

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  1. kwilkinson

    The Liberty Gas proposed pipeline would run through the Raritan Bay, coming on shore in Perth Amboy and going through Woodbridge and Carteret to Linden.  In Perth Amboy it would go by schools, oil tank farms, the North Jersey Coast line NJ Transit train and near housing developments and proposed housing developments. The DEP’s motion to intervene in Liberty’s FERC application was scathing.  I hope they will make the same assessment of Spectra’s proposal.


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