How To Succeed In Government Without Really Trying

“Big deal, big rocket; thinks he has the world in his pocket.”

      (I Believe in You: How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying)  

THE WEEK THAT WAS: How I Diverted Attention From My Snow Storm Fiasco or How I appeared Busy Although I accomplished Little, or How I Created a Lot of Attention with PR Blather or How I Heaped Praise on Myself That I did Not Deserve

  •  Sign the Anti-Bullying Bill – To appear caring, warm and fuzzy, although I rather like bullying. Besides I can call it a “tough” bill which has a nice ring to it.
  •  Direct attention to Higher Education – Appear to be concerned about our colleges and universities although I don’t plan to help them in any way; plus it’s another opportunity to push my Tool Kit.
  •  Issue another “In case you missed it” e-mail – to show how others love me, and besides Mike does all the work preparing it.
  •  Announce my Transportation Trust Fund Plan – Maybe my best idea of the week because it is so vague, unclear, and  misleading that others will be discussing it for days to come.
  •  Attack the Dems for their Back To Work NJ Bills – It’s always gets attention when I attack them; plus it just gets everyone confused when I assault them for creating bills I might actually like.
  •  Push aside the State Republican Committee Chairman without appearing to do so  – It’s fun and easy to do, so let people talk about that for a while.
  •  Fire seven county education superintendents – Requires no great effort on my part and keeps my favorite pot boiling.

    And now after another successful week and with snow returning to NJ, I wonder where my family wants us to go to escape this dreary weather.  

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