How not to handle a crisis

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Remember when your mom used to say, “If you can’t say something nice; then don’t say anything at all?” Apparently Michael Drewniak doesn’t.

In response to Assembly Majority Leader Joe Cryan and Senate Majority Leader Barbara Buono’s press conference today, Governor Christie’s trained monkey mouthpiece responded with disrespectful and sexist remarks:

…Barbara Buono’s track record has been to complain and point fingers over every budget cut that had to be made, never offering any real solutions, just high-pitched partisan attacks or endorsements for more spending and taxing.”

Really? “High-pitched?” Why not “shrill?” “Shrewish?” Why not call her out for not ironing shirts, too?

Make the flip (and get your suitable-for-framing photo of the real Michael Drewniak).

It’s easy to be easy-going when things are going well. When you’ve managed to throw a scare into the press and you’re the belle of the ball across the land. But real character comes to the fore when things go badly. And, as far as it goes, the blizzard wasn’t that bad – it was only made worse by poor responses on behalf of the Governor’s office. But the character of the Governor was on full display at his press conference and now his press-guy is following his boss down Disrespectful Highway.

You notice how Joe Cryan didn’t get called out for “high-pitched” comments? No, Drewniak, a professional who chooses his words carefully, chooses to frame the legitimate comments from the highest ranking woman in the State Senate in terms reserved for brow-beating wives in sitcoms.

It’s inexcusable. If the Governor’s office wants to respond to a press conference; then they need to find a way to do so with the respect due the people’s elected representatives. If they can’t do that; then they should just keep silent. You know. Like they did when the state was snowed in.

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  1. William Weber (WjcW)

    today in the Ledger though…

    To suggest that tweeting and telephone and e-mail can replace a person’s physical presence here to make on-the-spot decisions on a dime, it just boggles the mind.

    It’s been more than suggested, it’s been done, quite efficiently, from working from home, to heading huge corporations, to leading the federal government, to waging simultaneous wars.

    But I can agree, I don’t think ‘high-pitched’ is used if she’s a man… that seems to be a dig at her gender. And I have to agree with Kathleen O’Brien as well from the Ledger today…I don’t think a woman can pull the ‘family comes first’ excuse either.

  2. Jersey Shore John

    out of bounds, now? At least by Christie’s office’s standards…


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