Gov. Christie signs America’s toughest anti-bullying Law

No fanfare, but we’ll take it.

From a Garden State Equality Press Release:

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie today signed the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights, which enacts a new paradigm in America to counter school bullying and provides a template for anti-bullying laws in other U.S. states. The bill passed both houses of the New Jersey legislature on November 22, 2010 – by 73 to 1 in the Assembly and 30 to 0 in the Senate.

Though New Jersey and 44 other states have had anti-bullying laws, experts say those laws have been based on a vague, loophole-riddled model that gives vast discretion to local school districts to do whatever they want or don’t want, and have lacked teeth to work in the real world. The Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights corrects that problem with a sweeping overhaul of New Jersey’s current anti-bullying law, enacted in 2002.

More reaction below the fold.

Steven Goldstein, chair of Garden State Equality:

“We are grateful to the prime sponsors, Assemblywomen Valerie Vainieri Huttle and Mary Pat Angelini, and Senators Barbara Buono, Diane Allen and Loretta Weinberg, for their leadership that brought Democrats and Republicans together rapidly.”

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  1. ken bank

    I suspect this has more to do with political damage control than anything else.

  2. Bill Orr

    indeed there was no fanfare. He waited until almost the last moment to do so. Also, his office has issued press releases on other actions today, but not a release so far on anti-bullying. Maybe his heart just wasn’t into it or he doesn’t view the bill as important.  


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