The truth about Holloway’s Sand Hill motives

Some people are misrepresenting themselves and their interests in New Jersey’s Native American Tribes and as a result all N.J. Indian Tribes suffer.

 As a member of the Ramapough Lenape Nation, i’m compelled to respond to Carol H’s accusations and lies about the NJ Commission of Indian Affairs and about my Tribe. Before I start, I would like to say that this is not how intertribal business should be conducted but because Carol H insists on using this vehicle, I will respond here. The main focus of concern should not be about Ramapough or the Commission but rather about Ron Stacy (ie Holloway) and his claim to be Sand Hill. How our Tribe operates should be of no concern to anyone, especially if you are not claiming to be Ramapough. It seems Carol H is trying to deflect the focus from Holloway’s claims so people won’t question his.

 Back when “Lone Bear” Reavey helped to create the N.J. Commission of Indian Affairs. (yes Lone Bear, not anyone else!), he assisted the Ramapough with research about our history which resulted in a seat on the Commission. Even though Lone Bear was a major player, he didn’t assign a seat to the Sand Hill directly but instead to the Intertribal group. Why? For the same reason his name was “Lone Bear”, he was alone in his work. There were no Holloways working with him as Carol H wants you to believe.

 These people are scam artists. They may have some Native blood and who doesn’t in America but does that make you Sand Hill? There is a simple answer, NO! Were they raised Sand Hill? NO! Ronald Stacy (Holloway) was raised in California as Jewish. So how can he now claim Sand Hill when he was not raised as such?…

 Another lie Carol H is pushing is that the Sand Hill are Federally Recognized as unsupervised. This is a play on words! Any organization not recognized by the BIA is unsupervised. In otherwords, they are not Federally Recognized.

 Medicine Crow Holloway who spent 30 years in Australia, sold himself as a Shaman for profit. In our culture, anyone who has the special gift to be a Medicine Man would not advertise himself as such, and would not sell his services. This position could only be achieved by learning from another Medicine Man. Who in the Sand Hill taught you?…

  Finally I’d like to share this website made and maintained by Native Americans to expose frauds. Sam Beeler who is the last of the three people pushing this fraud is listed not once but 2x. He may have some Native blood but his dealings with other groups posing to be what they’re not makes you wonder about his motives.…

 Not good enough you may say? Then how about from the Federally Recognized Cherokee Tribe listing the Holloway/Beeler Sand Hill as frauds?

http://tribalrecognition.chero… Click on ‘Fradulent group List’.

 I’m not going to get into a flaming war with anyone over this and i’m calling anyone out by name. But since some people can post lies, i’m compelled to respond to them. The answers are all over the internet as to whom these people are. If they were genuine, then why do they need Carol H. or Liz the Lawyer to represent them? Why can’t they speak for themselves? I am Ramapough! I am a Tribal Member and I speak to defend my family. For everyone else, don’t take my word for it, look it up for yourself on the internet. There is a true Sand Hill Tribe in N.J. whose history they are trying to steal.

 The N.J. Indians allowed this to happen. If we had been better organized and pushed harder for our recognition, people such as this wouldn’t have gotten a toehold in this state and made frivolous lawsuits wasting taxpayer money and time. We all need to band together as one and finally be recognized. The State of New Jersey is also to blame for dragging their feet about our Recognition. The evidence has been presented and it’s time for the State to accept it’s part in our plight and make things right. We can work together to make things better for all citizens.

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  1. carolh

    This diary is nothing but a pack of lies perpetuated by someone whose “tribe”  – the Ramapough – has repeatedly been rejected by the BIA because they are not a real Tribe.  

    For the criteria which must be met – and which the Ramapough DO NOT MEET but which the Sand Hill DO:

    In 1949, the Smithsonian listed the Sand Hill as the ONLY indigenous tribe in NJ that survived intact to the present time.

    One of the Ramapough members has even created fake Wikipedia pages about both the Ramapough and the Sand Hill and has been  scouring the internet and legally threatening anyone with something nice to say about the SandHill tribe led by Chief Holloway    

  2. Rosi Efthim

    So, we have a diary here – like some on this topic that have come before – where claims made here are refuted by the other side.

    And now there are 17 comments, with only 2 people going back and forth. Have you folks considered meeting for coffee and hashing this out? I’m not sure this is constructive.

  3. Nick Lento

    I don’t believe I’ve ever met you.   I have met many of the people who are on the other side of your assertions…..and I find them to be credible and of good character.

    As you know, many of the matters you are railing about are now before the courts.

    Chief Holloway is doing all in his power to bring these issues to an open public hearing at which people, perhaps even you, may be called to testify under oath…under penalty of perjury should you (or they) be exposed as lying.

    It is my deepest wish to see this come to an open hearing where all of these “facts” can be adjudicated under the force of law.

    My sense is that the state of New Jersey and the folks behind you are desperate to squash the suite before it comes before a judge in an open hearing.

    My sense is that if you were so 100% certain of the validity your “facts” that you would have invited the hearing and not tried every means possible to suppress it.  

    The likelihood that the State of New Jersey may be collectively (the various counties have also hired attorneys as I recall) spending MILLIONS OF DOLLARS desperately trying to keep this matter from coming to an open hearing speaks volumes.  If there was no merit at all they would have let it go through a trial and the allegedly merit-less claims would be thoroughly exposed as such.

    Please join with me, Pontiton I challenge you,  in my call for all of these matters to be heard in open court.    I eagerly await seeing all of the parties to this matter being examined and cross examined under oath.  Surely, Pontiton,  you will join me in that wish!

    May the new year bring truth to light and justice for all!!!


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