TGIF News Roundup & Open Thread for Dec. 10, 2010

Christie & Democrats reach accord on union arbitration reform part of the ‘tool kit’

  • NJ Fraternal Order of Police president: said Christie is unfairly blaming high property tax on public employees: “We weren’t privy to the governor’s thought process on his plans on arbitration. It was only through the Legislature that we were able to have input into the process.”

  • For details on the deal, scroll to 2nd headline.

    Smells Like a Rat

  • Christie denies involvement in dismissal of charges in Hunterdon County Sheriff’s case.

    “Chris Christie is channeling Howard Beal, not Tom Kean”

  • That’s Wisniewski, who went to law school with the governor, but doesn’t remember him well then, but has some choice words for him now.

    But I thought he didn’t care about being reelected…

  • Christie tells Bloomberg News his plan is to erase NJ’s budget deficit by the end of his first term.

  • Garden State of Debt: New Jersey’s Growing Hole.

    Fiscal problems unlikely to ease soon

  • Government budget cuts this year have turned into tax hikes for most homeowners. And residents will see fewer services for their tax dollars.

    Parsippany School Board: Did Chris Christie get a heads up in exchange for an “expensive gift”?

  • One school board member accuses an unnamed other member of giving Christie a sneak peak at the Lee Seitz contract deal and receiving “an expensive gift from a high-ranking state of New Jersey official”.

  • School board president blocks attempts to rescind Superintendent’s contract.

    Wisniewski Op-Ed: Compromise holds no hope for deficit

  • NJ Democratic State Chair calls the deal Pres. Obama just made with the Republicans to extend Bush tax cuts for the richest 2% of Americans – in exchange for needed extension of jobless benefits – “not a fair trade”.

    Will there be $$ to keep NJN afloat as a new plan’s developed?

  • Sweeney says that is possible.

    ‘Fake farmers’ avoid paying $82 million in taxes

  • Is one of your neighbors one of them? Eh, Congressman-elect Jon Runyan? Nice of Asbury Park Press to notice this after NJ-3 just sent a fake farmer to Congress.

    Oyster Creek Nuclear Deal Draws Fire

  • Objections to the deal from 2 very different sides for 2 very different reasons.

    Elections Have Consequences

  • New Chairman of House subcommittee overseeing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac: Scott Garrett.

    Teacher Tenure

  • Tenure Testimony Reveals A Troubled — and Troubling — System.

  • NJEA” Tenure system works.

  • Senate Education Committee: proposals offered on tenure rules.

    Penny wise, pound foolish, and more popular

  • Rutgers Eagleton poll shows support growing for Christie’s ARC Tunnel cancellation.

  • Wisniewski Guest Op-Ed: New Jersey businesses will pay for Christie’s tunnel decision.


  • Disagreement on Atlantic City Tourism district bills.

  • Work for NJ? Live in NJ.

  • Assembly panel okays gambling bill.

  • Senate panel approves extended time frame for childhood sexual abuse lawsuits.

    Is Christie about to make a pardon pitched at the national GOP base?

  • Mulshine wants him to.


  • Bergen & Passaic: More children are living in poverty.

  • Newark:Fears of Regression as Newark Police Force Is Cut.

  • Camden: Will use $4M port payment to reduce layoffs.

  • Camden: Planning Board chair may lose home after not keeping up with property taxes since 2007.

  • Barnegat Bay: Christie unveils fund to stem runoff.

    Christie vetoes 2011 racing schedules

  • Monmouth Park & Meadowlands Raceway.
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    1. 12mileseastofTrenton

      But when told that about having to pay back the money, a plurality opposed canceling it.

    2. 12mileseastofTrenton

      Whenever you hear the word reform from people like Christie and Sweeney, it should read “cuts.”  With Christie and Sweeney, and Ms. Ineffectual Oliver, long-time public workers in New Jersey can expect to be skewered next year unless Democratic legislators revolt the way House Democrats have done in Washington.

    3. Kosh Naranek

      On Thursday, Christie said he wanted to rely less on debt but acknowledged borrowing could be appropriate for long-term projects.

      And by “long-term projects,” Christie means anything other than the ARC? Ah, I get it….

    4. Kosh Naranek

      Michael Drewniak is just another tool in Christie’s kit.

    5. Hopeful

      As the student paper reports, there are rumors the board of trustees is trying to force out the longtime President.  

    6. FormerBureaucrat

      by Christie’s Attorney General smells to high heaven, especially since one of the people who received a Hunterdon County Sheriff’s Office ID card was a large Christie campaign contributor and a member of the Governor’s transition team.  The Governor wanted to make this whole thing go away before it would embarrass people in his administration, so he just had his Attorney General quash the whole matter.  It must be fun to own the justice system and be able to fix tickets for your friends.  Let us hope that the Ledger and the Hunterdon Democrat push on this story, because if it dies, the most heavy handed political corruption involving the misuse of the justice system will have won in Hunterdon County and at the Attorney General’s Office.  


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