Sweeney’s Family Not Important?

I have no problem with people going on vacation. However ,once again, both the Governor and the Lt. Governor have their priorities screwed up.

Both go on vacation at the same time over the holidays?

Then have the nerve to tell the State Senate President two days before Christmas.

This after Sweeney kept the Senate in session so that Christie’s priorities can be worked on.

I guess neither the Governor or the Lt. Gov. even thought about the time Sweeney was taking away from his family on Christmas week.

I guess as they were packing they never thought of looking at the weather forecasts.

While they were away ,Sweeney was also away  ,only he was at the Iron workers Hall guiding the State through a crisis instead of spending time with his family.

But that is the mentality of both Christie and the Lt. Governor. Others should sacrafice ,not them.

Sweeney spends his holidays helping the State and those two spend time with their families.

I guess what you see is what you get.


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  1. firstamend07 (Post author)

    This guy did everything except steal the furniture in his 3 1/2 days as Governor.Not mentioned was all the stationary he had made with his name on it.

    From an online source:

    During his service as acting governor, Bennett appeared on national television as part of the “five governors in a week” news cycle. He signed legislation into law, appointed judges, granted a pardon, created a nursing advisory council, and hosted several parties at Drumthwacket. The nursing advisory council was a tribute to his wife, Peg, a nurse. Peg Bennett was active during her tenure as First Lady of New Jersey.

    Mrs. Bennett was very “active” in 3 1/2 days!

  2. Jay Lassiter

    I never considered that….. to be “poached” from the family at Christmas as such short notice is really crappy.  Christie put Sweeney in a horrible spot forcing him from his family during the holidays.

    Christie gets to spend more time with his family but not unless Sweeney spends less with his.  lovely we see how it is here.


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