Sweeney/Oliver win on Arbitration Reform

To all of the naysayers who want to overreact this is a lesson in patience.

Needed arbitration reform will occur and it will not be the Governors arbitration plan.

Pension and health care costs WILL NOT be part of the package.

There WILL BE  a sunset clause of 3 years.

There WILL BE  averaging of salaries.

Each time that Chrisite has been made to wait he has had to back off his original proposals.

Sweeney and Oliver did a great job on this issue.

…..now it will be interesting to see how they are still  attacked on this site!  

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  1. 12mileseastofTrenton

    Only if you considering only losing one leg instead of two a win.  Public workers will be limited to 2% no matter what.  So if inflation should kick up in the future, and you can be the cap will be renewed in ’14, they’re screwed.

    More worrisome is this:

    Christie and the Democratic leaders . . . pledged pension and heath care reform next year.

    This will mean medium and long-term public workers will have to pay more for their health coverage and pension benefits.  In effect, a cut in pay.

    Sweeney is certainly no friend of public workers, and Oliver is totally out of her depth  

  2. William Weber (WjcW)

    the governor definetly lost here…a big defeat for the adminstration.


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