Next “Town Hall”: Tuesday Dec. 14 in Clinton

Despite his protestation that his “Town Hall” meetings are not staged to make him look good, it’s no secret that Gov Christie’s people subtly but effectively stack his public appearances with GOP faithful who reliably drool and clap for his every utterance. And where there is dissent in these “Town Halls” the governor smacks the offender down, dominating with both his imposing physical presence and the fact that the camera, and the louder mic, are always his. These are the “YouTube moments,” as his staff calls them – played for the camera, shot, edited, shipped out and disseminated among his fans all over the USA, all within hours.

There are increasing signs that New Jerseyans are getting tired of his showboating – here, here, here, here and here, for example – and I’m thinking the next few “Town Hall”s we may see a governor doing better at making it look like he respects those in his constituency that don’t agree with his approach, given that he’s widely seen as overplaying his confrontational act in Parsippany [VIDEO] when he used his own security detail to haul a Republican teacher half his size to the stage, dress him down then wave him off the stage without letting him get a word in edgewise, his security backing the guy off the stage when he reached for the microphone to reply. But we’ll find out. Maybe Christie only has one act and no improv.

Gov. Chris Christie “Town Hall”

9:30am, Tuesday, Dec. 14

Clinton Community Center

63 Halstead St., Clinton (Hunterdon)

Hunterdon County gave Chris Christie his biggest percentage victory of all 21 counties. Expect a packed room. If you’re going, RSVP’s are suggested. Hit up the Gov’s website.

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  1. ken bank

    I’ve been saying all along we should boycott these townhalls and stop giving them legitimacy.

    A boycott movement would help delegitimize and expose these staged utube moments for what they are, a complete farce.

    In the meantime Democrats should challenge Christie to a series of debates about his policies in a townhall setting where both sides are represented and given equal time to respond.

  2. Bill Orr

    Progressives should continue to make efforts to gain entry to these shows with the objective of asking him questions that will make him squirm, like “Do you really think you should have called Speaker Oliver a liar when in fact her office did contact yours for an appointment?” Also appropriate are street protesters with signs in front of the event calling him out for bullying, showboating, out of state travel, etc.

  3. ken bank

    Check out this video of a 15 year old British school student speaking out against tuition increases.  Too bad we don’t have more like him in New Jersey.

    I wish we could bring him over here to confront King Christie at one of his staged for utube “townhalls”  I wonder if Christie has the intestinal fortitude (well, he has plenty of  intestines but I’m not sure about the fortitude) to call this kid a “drug mule” to his face.


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