East Coast Oil Drilling

Eight months ago, we grumbled when the Obama Administration announced its plan to expand offshore oil drilling to the East Coast. Today, that drilling plan died quietly, with happy statements from Senators Lautenberg and Menendez and Representative Pallone that their opposition was successful.

Good for them, but the bigger lesson is that adopting John McCain and Sarah Palin’s policies in exchange for no support at all from Republicans in Congress is doubly stupid: Once for not getting what you want, and second because most such conservative policies are inherently bad. I like Obama the man, but I sure wish I felt the lesson had been learned.  

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  1. Hopeful (Post author)


    “I am grateful that the Administration has heard my message loud and clear: no drilling for oil anywhere near the Jersey Shore. I applaud this action, which will protect our state’s economy and environment. The Jersey Shore supports hundreds of thousands of jobs, drives our state’s economy and is a birthright for all New Jerseyans. We can never allow an oil spill to ruin our shore and cripple our local economy. Auctioning off the Jersey Shore to oil companies would do nothing to reduce prices at the pump, but it would put our multi-billion dollar tourism and fishing industries at risk. Today, families and business owners in our coastal communities, along with everyone who loves the Jersey Shore, can breathe a little easier that we won’t have to contend with devastation from an oil rig disaster any time soon.”

    Lautenberg doesn’t hold back:

    “Protecting coastal economies from devastating oil spills was the right policy before the Gulf disaster, and it is the right policy after the Gulf disaster,” stated Lautenberg.  “This decision takes New Jersey’s beaches and vibrant coastal economy out of the path of the next drilling disaster and provides an opportunity to focus on 21st century energy solutions that move our nation beyond dirty fuels.  I will continue to fight for clean energy solutions and permanent protections against drilling so that New Jersey never has to face the economic pain and environmental suffering that is still affecting the Gulf coast.”  

    In late March, Senator Lautenberg derided the Administration’s plan to expand offshore drilling into the Atlantic Ocean, calling it a “Kill, Baby, Kill” policy that threatened the coastal environment, jobs and economies.  Today’s announcement reverses that plan.


    “Unfortunately, it took the terrible tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico for many to learn the lesson that offshore drilling is a real and present danger that can cause lasting harm to the environment and the economy,” said Pallone. “I welcome this action by the Obama Administration as a significant step in preventing future oil spills in the Eastern Gulf and along the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. A ban on new drilling is the best way to protect our beaches and coastal waters as invaluable natural resources that support so much commercial and recreational activities.”

    Pallone wrote to Secretary Salazar in April of this year – before the Deepwater Horizon spill in the Gulf of Mexico – urging him to remove any approvals to pursue oil or gas exploration in the Outer Continental Shelf of the Atlantic from the five-year plan.

    “The bottom line is that these spills happen all the time and they will continue to occur if new drilling is allowed,” said Pallone. “The next step is to put a permanent ban into law by approving the ‘No New Drilling Act.’ Today’s action is the right thing to do. A permanent ban would be the best thing to do.”  

  2. carolh

    Coast – the one we share with Pennsylvania.  The Delaware River is at dire risk now because of Hydrofracking in the Delaware River Basin, which our NJDEP Commissioner and the DRBC (Delaware River Basin Commission) is Okey Dokey with going on in PA – natural gas drilling that will wreak havoc on our Drinking water drawn from the Delaware for nearly a million NJ residents.

    NY smartly passed a bill for a moratorium on hydrofracking, awaiting the Governor’s signature, but PA is out of control right now and our own NJDEP head and the DRBC want to give them the green light to poison our beautiful Delaware River.

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