BlueJersey Blogger Jeff Gardner to challenge for NJ Legislature?

First of all, best wishes to BlueJersey blogger Jeff Gardner for some exciting new professional changes on his horizon.

And secondly, OMMFG is this a bombshell?

njn6He’d count on Netroots, LGBT+ Labor support

From today’s PolitickerNJ:

The chairman of the local Democratic committee in Hawthorne may challenge for a 35th Legislative District seat next year.

Jeff Gardner will leave his present job as an attorney with the National Labor Relations Board in January to star a solo law practice in his hometown.

I think it’s safe to say I have not ruled out a run,” said Gardner, who opposed state Sen. John Girgenti’s (D-Hawthorne) no vote on marriage equality and subsequently took control of the local Democratic committee.

I’ve texted the man personally for comment which should come soon, hopefully in the comments portion of this here diary.

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  1. Jeff Gardner

    no comment?

  2. Thurman Hart

    if Jeff runs, I will register as a Democrat again.  

  3. GayTeen4Obama


    Girgenti without a doubt needs to be challenged for a second term and if Assemblywoman Pou won’t do it then Chairman Gardner should.

  4. Steven Goldstein, Garden State Equality chair


  5. ken bank

    I can see this becoming a significant national story (especially in an off-year election and a dearth of significant political campaigns).  I’m sure polical blogs like Huffington and TPM will pick it up to showcase marriage equality as an important political issue.  Especially coming at a time when the debate will start over repealing DOMA.  Jeff Gardner’s victory will force Democrats nationwide, and even the few moderate Republicans left in Congress, to sit up and take notice.

    I’d also venture that tons of money will be pouring in from national groups in support of ME.

    I can’t see any congressional dems endorsing Girgenti, but I can see some progressive dems like Barney Frank endorsing his challenger.  This race should draw alot of attention, a healthy debate, and a large turnout in the primary should favor the challenger.

  6. GayTeen4Obama

    biggest question out there is most likely not whether Jeff runs or not but rather what the new district will look like.  

  7. Nick Lento

    Don’t be discouraged by the oddsmakers or the pundits.

    My prediction:  If Gardner runs, Gardner wins!!!  (And I’ll back that up with some volunteer time!)

    PS To Bertin, Don’t underestimate the intelligence of the electorate.   They are hungry for candidates with integrity and independence and competence and intelligence.   Jeff fits the bill!


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