Addressing Gender Inequality in the State House

Assemblywoman Connie Wagner (via PolitickerNJ):

There are currently 13 districts without a woman in the New Jersey state legislature,” she said in an email. “That means 2.83 million people in New Jersey are being solely represented by men. Women make up more than 50 percent of the population, but only 28.3 percent of New Jersey legislature is female.”

Each time a seat opens up is an opportunity to send a very loud message to to the party’s base that the Democratic Party values fairness and diversity.

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“I hope that the situation presented to us by Assemblyman Scalera stepping down doesn’t create a war amongst our counties,” she said. “I believe that Fred has served admirably and will be missed for his expertise on Homeland Security issues. That being said, I do believe that we can go in a different direction and appoint someone who will take on the role as assemblywoman and lead District 36 just as well as Assemblyman Scalera did. Past precendent aside, I believe that person should be from Bergen County which represents a great majority of the district and would allow for Democrats to more easily keep the seat in the future. I hope that the Bergen members of the 36th district county committee will come together and pick a suitable female alternative to replace Assemblyman Scalera.”

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  1. Jeff Gardner

    we’re now in a time when Bergen Democrats are free to speak their mind about something like this. It used to be that almost no one would dare speak until informed what then-Chairman Ferriero wanted.

    Diversity of opinions is also good.

  2. RightOne

    …liberals show us that they don’t believe in looking for the best person or judging based on the content of one’s character. Instead, it’s all about identity politics.


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